How to find an apartment for sale in Istanbul 2023

How to find an apartment for sale in Istanbul 2023

Table of Contents:
  1. Defining the Purpose of Real Estate Search in Turkey
  2. Selecting the Specifications for the Typical Apartment
  3. Identifying the Best Places to Buy Properties
  4. Recommended Real Estate Projects
  5. Important Tips When Purchasing Real Estate
  6. Steps to Buy Property in Istanbul
طريقة شراء شقة في تركيا
If you're planning to move to Istanbul in 2023, finding a suitable apartment is a crucial decision. Istanbul is one of the largest and most exciting cities in Turkey, offering a diverse range of housing options for residents. Looking for a place to rent or buy can be tough, from picking the right area to doing online research and visiting properties.
In this article, we'll provide an overview of how to start your apartment search in Istanbul for 2023. We'll offer helpful tips to guide you through this crucial process, from setting your budget and picking the right area to visiting properties and signing the contract...
Let's embark on the journey of finding your new home in this fantastic city.

Defining the Purpose of Real Estate Search in Turkey


The purpose of searching for property in Turkey depends on individual reasons and goals. Here are some objectives that may drive your search for real estate in Turkey:
  1. Residence (End user):

If you plan to move to Turkey or for an extended period, the primary goal may be to buy property for a permanent house. You'll need to search for an apartment or house that suits your personal needs and budget.
  1. Investment:

Your main goal might be property investment. Turkey is a hotspot for investors. You can buy properties with the goal of making money by renting them to locals or tourists.

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3. Vacations:

If you're looking for a place to spend your summer or winter holidays, buying an apartment or villa might be your goal. Properties near beaches or popular tourist areas provide comfortable accommodation during vacations.

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4. Property Residence Permit :

Your desire might be to get a secondary home in Turkey to benefit from during weekends or vacations. This goal could be associated with relaxation and leisure.

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5. Obtaining Turkish Citizenship:

Some individuals buy property in Turkey with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship. Turkey has programs for foreign investors. Invest, and you could get permanent residency or Turkish citizenship.

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أفضل العقارات في مدينة اسطنبول

Choosing the Specifications of the Typical Apartment

اختيار مواصفات الشقة النموذجية
When looking for apartments to buy in Turkey, it's important to think about the size and layout of the rooms before deciding to purchase. Here are some key criteria to look at:

Property Size:

Buyers should be clear about the property's size and understand the difference between net and gross area. The property's size should align with your needs and budget.

Room Size:

The distribution of rooms within the apartment plays a crucial role in comfort. Each room's size should suit your needs and the number of family members. Look for well-designed layouts and inquire about room dimensions.


It's preferable to buy an apartment with a sunny aspect and a good view. If the apartment faces north, it might be dark and cold. The home's view influences lighting and ventilation.

Windows and Glass:

The size and type of windows are important for ventilation and lighting. Ensure the apartment has large windows and double-glazed glass for sound insulation. Windows should be easy to open and close.

Design and Urban Plan:

Examine the urban plan of the area and the apartment project. This can help you understand if the design is suitable and aligns with your needs.

Best Places to Buy Property in Istanbul

The influx of millions of tourists and investors spending millions of dollars in Istanbul is not a coincidence. It's one of the most attractive cities for investors worldwide. Here are five reasons why Istanbul is the best place to get property in Turkey:

Exceptional Strategic Location:

Istanbul's geographic location is exceptional, providing unique investment opportunities. Its position between the Asian and European continents makes it a distinctive investment hub.

Primary Tourist Destination:

Istanbul is Turkey's tourism capital and a major attraction for visitors worldwide. Millions flock to the city to explore its unique landmarks, making it an ideal destination for property acquisition.

Economic Power:

Istanbul has immense purchasing power and is a pillar of the Turkish economy. Istanbul is the go-to spot for real estate investment in Turkey. The Turkish economy depends a lot on foreign investments, making it a prime location.

Major Projects:

Big investments in Turkey, like the new Istanbul Canal project and the third airport, mainly happen in Istanbul. These projects are expected to bring about a strategic transformation in Turkey's economy.

Global Infrastructure:

Istanbul boasts a globally advanced infrastructure due to its European location. This enhances the value of properties in the city, making it the best place for real estate investment in Turkey.
أفضل المناطق للشراء العقاري

Best Areas to Buy Apartments in European Istanbul:

1. Başakşehir
2. Beylikdüzü
3. Maslak

Best Area to Buy an Apartment in Asian Istanbul:

1. Beykoz
2. Üsküdar
3. Pendik

Property Prices in Istanbul:

Project Type Area Price
D-001 Residential Apartments Bahçeşehir, Istanbul 5,626,000 TRY
D-002 Hotel Apartments Başakşehir, Istanbul 23,120,800 TRY
D-003 Residential Apartments Maslak - Sarıyer, Istanbul 19,126,700 TRY
D-005 Residential Apartments Zeytinburnu, Istanbul 16,843,900 TRY
D-006 Hotel Apartments Şişli, Istanbul 10,632,200 TRY
D-007 Investment Kağıthane, Istanbul 5,372,400 TRY
D-008 Villas Büyükçekmece, Istanbul 52,879,700 TRY
D-009 Investment Başakşehir, Istanbul 4,701,000 TRY
D-010 Investment Apartments Bakırköy, Istanbul 9,580,900 TRY
D-015 Investment Kağıthane, Istanbul 5,100 TRY
D-017 Investment Beşiktaş, Istanbul 18,536,000 TRY
D-018 Residential Apartments Ümraniye, Istanbul 15,751,400 TRY
D-022 Investment Esenyurt, Istanbul 24,864,700 TRY
D-023 Residential Apartments Maltepe, Istanbul 10,013,400 TRY
D-024 Investment Apartments Esenyurt, Istanbul 8,325,700 TRY
D-025 Investment Apartments Üsküdar, Istanbul 20,111,200 TRY
D-026 Investment Başakşehir, Istanbul 5,625,500 TRY



مشاريع مؤمنة من الحكومة التركية

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Important Tips When Buying Properties in Turkey

When buying property in Turkey, here are ten crucial tips to consider:

1. Choose a Strategic Location:

The location is a key factor in your buying decision. Ensure the property is close to major roads and essential services like hospitals and markets.

2. Best Time to Buy:

Identify the right time to buy based on real estate market activity. Opportunities may arise during periods of market stagnation.

3. Property Appraisal Report

Make sure there's a property appraisal report. It helps you understand the true value and ensures you're not paying more than it's worth.

4. Available Services:

Make sure to look for essential and fun services in the project, like supermarkets, transportation, malls, and check how safe the area is

5. Choose the Construction Company:

Check the construction company's history and reputation. They should have a successful track record in previous projects.

6. Recreational Facilities:

Ensure there are green spaces and recreational facilities like health clubs and swimming pools in the project.

7. Population Composition:

Assess the community, neighborhood, and ensure it suits your lifestyle.

8. Property View:

Check the property's view and whether it offers distinctive views and breathtaking landscapes.

9. Type of Property Allocation:

Confirm the type of property, whether residential or commercial, and if there's a possibility to change the allocation.

10. Consult a Real Estate Expert:

Seek advice from a real estate expert for professional guidance and to ensure compliance with legal regulations. Contact us now!

Steps to Buying Property in Istanbul

When buying property in Turkey, here are ten important tips to consider:
Buying property in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, isn't just about signing the deed and getting keys. There are some steps involved in the process. Knowing them beforehand can save you from trouble and awkward questions during your visit. It also helps you stay in control of the property ownership process in Turkey.
Here are the steps for buying property in Turkey for those interested in owning apartments for sale in Turkey in 2023:
1. Define Goals for Buying Property in Turkey
2. Choose a Real Estate Agent in Turkey (Companies and Individuals)
3. Visit Turkey
4. Real Estate Tours in Turkey
5. Negotiate Property Prices in Turkey
6. Freeze Property Price and Provide a Deposit
7. Prepare Property Purchase Documents in Turkey
8. Complete Ownership Procedures in Turkey
9. Receive the Title Deed ("Tapu")
10. Furnish the Property and Settle Various Bills


Searching for an apartment in Istanbul in 2023 can be an exciting and engaging task. Istanbul offers a diverse range of real estate, business, and cultural opportunities, making it an ideal destination for living and investment.

To start your search successfully, carefully define your budget and choose areas that align with your preferences and lifestyle. Consult with a local real estate expert if you need assistance in decision-making. Use online search tools, visit websites, and explore available property listings. There may be buying or investment opportunities waiting for you. Don't forget to check local laws and regulations related to property purchases in Turkey and ensure careful adherence to legal procedures.

Finding an apartment in Istanbul is sure to be a fantastic experience, and we wish you success in discovering the property that meets your expectations, whether it becomes your new home or a successful investment destination.

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Look at factors that are important to you, such as the location of work, schools, and public services. You may also prefer areas close to public transportation.

Yes, consulting with a local real estate expert can be helpful for getting advice on the market and local regulations.

You can use the internet and online real estate websites to search for deals. You can also visit local real estate agencies and check the available listings.

Yes, there are seasonal times in the real estate market. For example, prices can be more competitive during the winter and at the beginning of the school year.

You should carefully check and adhere to the local laws and regulations regarding property purchases in Turkey.

The property should have some essential services such as transportation, green spaces, security, and surveillance.

The property's use can sometimes be changed, but it is necessary to adhere to the local procedures and laws for that.

The most important tips include setting your budget, consulting with a local real estate expert, staying informed about local laws, and carefully researching property listings. Protection Status