Apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey 2023 | Real estate for sale in Istanbul

Apartment in Istanbul for sale 2023

Istanbul is the most beautiful Turkish city ever , the city with an attractive nature represented by its beautiful seas , charming beaches , mountains and green fields , in addition to its historical heritage of famous Ottoman-style mosques and ancient monuments and churches dating back to ancient civilizations such as Roman and Byzantine civilizations . Furthermore , Istanbul’s strategic location that links between the continent of Asia and Europe , makes it a unique city and a tourist icon for millions of people who would like to travel , live or buy an apartment in Istanbul as it is considered an attractive investment opportunity for local and foreign investors from all around the world .

Istanbul has ranked the first place in real estate sales in whole Turkey , according to the latest statistics published by the Turkish statistical institute , which belongs to the month of November. It also has the highest share of real estate sales to foreigners with 1885 properties, accounting for more than 47% of its total sales to foreigners in Turkey.

The most important areas in Istanbul to buy apartments :

You can hardly find a region in Istanbul except that it is distinguished by its beauty, historical monuments and public facilities that suit all groups of society. Here we mention some of the most important of these areas in the city of Istanbul:

Apartment for sale in Sultan Ayub Istanbul

Sultan Ayoub is located in the European section of Istanbul, extending from the Golden Horn to the Black Sea shore. It is an important tourist attraction, in which there is the mausoleum and mosque of Sultan Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari, and is famous for its popular markets that contain many traditional products, in addition to the presence of a cable car that runs from the shore of the Golden Horn Bay. Living in it is characterized by calmness and a sense of spirituality, as it is equipped with all the public facilities you need, such as schools, markets, medical and sports centers and others.

Apartment for sale in Basin Express Istanbul

The Basin Express neighborhood is located in the Bagela area of ​​the European section of Istanbul, it is one of the most important commercial centers in it, it is located near many exhibitions and industrial areas. The region is characterized by the prosperity of its real estate sector, as it contains many commercial and residential complexes, in addition to the distinguished service facilities that have been prepared to create a unique investment environment. It also enjoys close proximity to major public connectors, such as the metrobus and the metro, in addition to its presence near Istanbul Airport, which is a short distance away.

Apartment for sale in Sariyer Istanbul

Sarıyer is located on the European side of Istanbul, on the Bosphorus Strait, enjoying stunning views of the Marmara Sea, and its beaches are characterized by the clear waters of turquoise.

It is one of the most attractive areas for tourists and investors, as it is considered an important tourist center in Istanbul. It has many services and entertainment facilities, and enjoys its charming medicine and ancient historical monuments.

Its real estate projects are one of the most luxurious and prestigious projects in Turkey, its charming view of the Bosphorus and its proximity to many historical palaces, made it a destination not only for local investors, but for foreigners from all over the world.

Apartment for sale in Bahcesehir Istanbul

Bahcesehir is one of the most recent neighborhoods of the organization in the Bashk Shahir region, which is located on the European side of Istanbul, and Bahcesehir is the first urban, service-independent city. It is distinguished for its superior service facilities, including hospitals, universities, cultural and sports centers, in addition to its proximity to highways and Istanbul Airport.

It is also considered one of the most attractive areas for foreign communities, especially Arab ones, due to its enjoyment of its luxurious complexes, universities, and international and Arab schools.

Apartment for sale in Esenyurt Istanbul

Esenyurt is located on the European side of Istanbul, and it is one of the regions that has achieved remarkable urban prosperity, it is characterized by its modern residential complexes surrounded by many modern public facilities. It is near highways such as the TEM Highway and the Metrobus Road (E-5), which connects it with the Asian side of Istanbul. It contains many prestigious universities and international and Arab schools, which makes it an area suitable for the Arab community.

Apartment for sale in zeitoun borno Istanbul

Olive Borno is a coastal region located near the old city that is separated from it by the walls of ancient Constantinople, which is characterized by its unique location, which is considered an important transportation center, where metro, metro, metro, metro, and Marmaray metro line, not to mention its proximity to many important areas in the European section.

The region has witnessed a great urban development, becoming one of the most attractive areas for investors in the real estate sector, distinguished by its modern residential complexes. It is also an important commercial and industrial center, containing many famous factories and commercial companies.

Apartment for sale in Beylikduzu Istanbul

Beylikduzu is located in the European section of Istanbul, directly overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara and enjoying stunning views of Buyukcekmece Lake. It is one of the areas that witnessed a great urban development, as it enjoys its luxurious real estate projects, including residential complexes and commercial offices, in addition to its proximity to the metrobus line and highways.

Beylikduzu has received a lot of attention from the municipality, as its budget for 2019 reached (481) million liras, bypassing many of the largest municipalities in Istanbul. Therefore, it enjoys modern public facilities, from health and educational facilities, to its sports centers and its extensive green parks throughout its neighborhoods.

The most important tourist places in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most magnificent tourist cities around the world, and it is characterized by many natural places and historical monuments scattered on both sides of it, the most important of these places is its promenade that extends along the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara in each of the European section, such as Karakoy, Kabat and Avcilar, alongside Escudar and Kaikoy in the section. Asian.

Also, Princess Islands located in the Sea of ​​Marmara, which is one of the most beautiful natural places in Istanbul, is a destination for tourists from all over the world, and is characterized by its charming beaches and the purity of the air in it. As for the forests, the Belgrade forests are the largest and most important forest in Istanbul.

As for its historical monuments, Istanbul is distinguished by its historical mosques dating back to the Ottoman era, and the most famous of these mosques is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is characterized by its elaborate architecture and its six splendid minarets. There is also the Sulaymaniyah Mosque, Sultan Ayoub Mosque, Al Fateh Mosque and other mosques that are among the most important heritage monuments Inherited from the Ottoman Empire.

Also, one of the most important landmarks of Istanbul is Istiklal Street which is visited by more than three million visitors daily, with a length of 1400 meters, and its construction dates back to the period of Byzantine rule, located near Taksim Square and Galata Tower. On the street there are many restaurants and cafes, as well as entertainment centers, such as theaters and historical places.

Finally, the girl's tower is also one of the historical monuments located in the Escudar region. It consists of six floors connected by a spiral staircase, reaching a height of about 23 meters.

  • What are the benefits of buying an apartment in Istanbul

  •  High Rental Yield: Istanbul is a tourist hot spot, which leads to high demand for rentals properties. Investors looking to invest in Turkey have the opportunity to reap substantial rewards.
  • Strategic Location Istanbul's strategic location is a key hub for commerce and trade. Istanbul has become a more attractive destination for tourism and international business, which has led to an increase in housing demand.
  • Emerging Economy. Turkey's economy continues to grow rapidly and Istanbul is the epicenter. Istanbul is now a desirable investment destination due to its rising property value.
  • Cultural Heritage Istanbul is home to a rich cultural scene, with famous landmarks like Hagia Sophia or the Blue Mosque drawing tourists from all over the world. Istanbul is a popular destination for people who want a cosmopolitan lifestyle due to its diverse cultural scene.
  • Modern Infrastructure Istanbul has a modern, efficient transportation system that includes buses, subways and ferries. This makes it easy to navigate the city and reach different parts of Istanbul. Protection Status