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Details About Trabzon


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Trabzon is one of the major cities in Turkey and the largest city in the Eastern Black Sea region. It has a population of over 808,000 people (2019) living in an area of 4,664 square kilometers.

Due to its rainy climate even during the summer months, it is blessed with lush green forests, mountains, numerous rivers, and highlands. The city is renowned for its fish, football team, and the Sumela Monastery. Trabzon is also well-connected to other cities through major roads, boasts a large international shipping port, and has an international airport.



Advantages of Buying Real Estate in Trabzon


What are the Real Estate Prices in Trabzon? Currently, there is a good selection of properties available in Trabzon. Prices for new apartments in completely new projects start at just $50,000, and detached villas in beautiful rural locations start from only $150,000.

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There are abundant opportunities for anyone investing in this region, with many options for investors to achieve a good return on their investments, especially since property prices in Trabzon are on the rise. Trabzon has become a focal point of attraction for Arab tourists, and in recent years, the city has garnered a lot of attention from current investors looking to establish a complete city with hotels and many new housing projects.

Why Buy Property in Trabzon? With changing preferences in tourism, Trabzon has a lot to offer. It is ideal for a wide range of vacationers due to its extremely cool and comfortable weather throughout the year, offering much more than just sun. Property prices in this region are reasonable, but they are expected to continue rising. Whether you are looking to buy property for retirement, seek a complete lifestyle change, or just want a vacation home that you can rent out during periods when you're not using it, Trabzon is an excellent choice.

With the rapid development in the area, it is logical to assume that property prices in Trabzon will start to rise in the near future. To ensure you don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity, we recommend taking action now.


Unique Selling Points of Trabzon Real Estate


  1. Very reasonable prices.
  2. Excellent sea views.
  3. Extremely safe and well-preserved area.
  4. Excellent year-round weather – Trabzon is cool and comfortable throughout the year.
  5. Rich history, stunning nature everywhere, and lush greenery.
  6. Properties are generally spacious, with two-bedroom apartments reaching up to 200 square meters.
  7. Access to commercial outlets.


Shopping in Trabzon


Shopping centers in Trabzon offer the perfect choice for an enjoyable shopping tour among the finest and most famous global brands. These shopping centers allow you to purchase fashion products, perfumes, electronics, souvenirs, and more.


Top 10 Shopping Centers in Trabzon for 2023


  1. Jewels Mall Trabzon.
  2. Form Mall Trabzon.
  3. Farli Pasha Mall Trabzon.
  4. Sivaher Outlet Trabzon.
  5. Kamir T Market Trabzon.
  6. Badastan Market Trabzon.
  7. Sunday Market in Trabzon.
  8. Uzun Market Trabzon.
  9. Russian Market Trabzon.
  10. Moloz People's Market Trabzon.


Real Estate in Trabzon


Real estate options in Trabzon are diverse, offering various choices for investors and individuals interested in the real estate market, including:

  1. Villas for sale in Trabzon suitable for family living in quiet and upscale neighborhoods.
  2. Villas for sale in Trabzon that meet Turkish citizenship requirements.
  3. Rural villas in Trabzon located in tourist areas.
  4. Apartments for sale in Trabzon suitable for family living and close to service centers.
  5. Tourist rental apartments in Trabzon with unique views and strategic locations.
  6. Commercial offices for sale in Trabzon, Turkey.
  7. Commercial properties for sale in Trabzon suitable for real estate investment in Turkey.
  8. Land for sale in Trabzon suitable for developing projects such as hotels, commercial centers, and residential complexes.


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