shops for sale in Istanbul turkey 2023

Turkey is distinguished among the countries of the world generally and also the states of Europe in particular as a destination for investment and tourism during the calendar year, as Turkey is now a destination for both Arab and international investors alike from all around the Earth, because of the secure and rewarding investment, fantastic services and accelerated development that is unparalleled even in nations Europe, which made investment from Turkey exceptional on all levels.

In this guide, we talked about a few of the best sorts of real estate investing in Turkey, which will be investing in shops available in Turkey.

Where investing in stores available in Turkey is always a rewarding investment, God willing, since Turkey generally contains the components of property investment, from a world class transport network, to other services like medical hospitals, universities, government and global schools, in addition to the massive shopping centers that have the largest international brands. Where these services can be found in the greatest and most famous Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Trabzon, Antalya, Bursa and several other cities, and that raises the value of the house permanently in Turkey, and in addition to each the above there's a factor in the presence of giant jobs in Turkey generally and in specific cities Such as Istanbul, for instance, where Istanbul has enormous projects such as the Istanbul Canal job, which will be called the crazy endeavor and the new Bosphorus, as it will get to the Sea of ​​Marmara to the Black Sea, the brand new Istanbul airport, that's the biggest airport in the world, along with the Medical City project from the Basaksehir area in The city of Istanbul, and the metro lines jobs that connect all regions of Istanbul with ease, without having to enter congestion, these projects and others make real estate investment in Istit Nbol is among the best investments .

In the remaining Turkish towns, also, there are always enormous projects with immediate assistance from the authorities to raise the standard of living for the people and also to increase the level of investment as well. A large project that raises the degree of the real estate place entirely, in addition to a periodic yearly increase at the degree of Turkey in general.

In Turkey, shops are available in several types:

Shops within big shopping facilities:

Where there are stores of a variety of shapes and spaces inside malls and large shopping facilities, and the buyer can purchase a property within one of the malls and then invest it himself within his field of work, which provides an superb spot for work and high earning based on the essence of the shopping centers in Istanbul, since it's crowded all the time throughout the calendar year, along with the investor can Also buying a property within a malls and then renting it into one of the renowned foreign brands offered in all malls and shopping facilities in Turkey, like restaurants such as Burger King and Pizza Hot, or as clothes stores like Zara and Adidas and lots of others such as international cafes, or he may purchase a property while he is previously under rent For one of the famous brands within a contract that extends for many years, also in both cases, the investor will receive high monetary returns which may reach 8% of the property's value based on its location and the brand leased to it.

Shops in residential complexes or small markets:

And where the investor can purchase a home for home and another for work and investment in 1 spot, the majority of the residential complexes supply shops and shops available within the complexes and in their outskirts, and the buyer can also here purchase a shop and operate it himself or deliver it to one of the famed Turkish industrial brands such as BIM or global brands like Megaros and Carrefour. And others also and getting high monetary returns.

Independent stores

that are within the regular buildings out the complexes and inside the old or contemporary neighborhoods of them, along with the financial returns inside these stores are normal due to their comparatively low price and the lack of requirement for them.

Prior to purchasing a commercial property, we have to familiarize yourself with the basic criteria for selecting the location of the required property:

The area: since it is better to buy the shop in a densely populated region, and also to be a vital place in which there are many passers-by, and it is also preferable to be within a commercial market and near hotels and critical centers in town and the main streets, and of course the preference and choice of this region varies according to the action inside the shop. , So that you must decide on an area commensurate with the character of the work so as to acquire the best desired outcome, so that it depends if the shop is going to be a law firm, for instance, this thing requires the presence of the property in the city center, however in the event the action is commercial or support, it does not matter in the city center or its own tip, but it matters how busy and lively the area.

Main way of transport: As the way of transport in Turkey in general and in important cities in particular are the primary nerve driving the work, you must choose the property that's nearest to the help of the key way of transport like the metro and other authorities way of transportation, particularly if the nature of the job requires frequent transfers to and out of the store. Or, if the commercial action effectively requires customers to come to the store as well, this matter requires the existence of transportation that facilitate the coming and going.

Service institutions: Among the most important things in choosing a commercial shop is the presence of service associations near and broadly, like the access to medical, entertainment and educational facilities, which would bring the project to success and the efficacy to be made within the property.

Internal amenities: What is meant here is the presence of inner social centers within the job in which the buy will be made, and the significance of the presence along with the construction infrastructure, and among these facilities, for example, the existence of a security system for the facility that works around the clock, and this is exactly what attracts tranquility and reassurance to investors, as well as the presence of contemporary services in ways Technology which keeps pace with the times to ease matters and organize work, including the presence of automatic teller facilities associated with banks, which will also


We have a large portfolio of commercial shops and stores for sale in Istanbul.

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We've got a large portfolio of commercial shops and stores for sale in Istanbul. Purchasing a commercial property at Istanbul, our buyers like an excellent return on their investment properties

Our commercial stores and stores in Istanbul are typically rented by well known commercial brands. Since the new owner, you'll be taking over the existing agreements and begin enjoying the rental income instantly. These commercial properties will also be eligible for appying Turkish Declaration if that's of interest.

The stores and shops are typically rented out by well-known brands and chains such as McDonalds, KFC, Migros, and also others. As the new owner, you're going to be taking over the present agreements and begin enjoying the rental income instantly. These commercial properties are also eligible for applying for Turkish Declaration if that's of interest. Protection Status