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Republic of Iraq

Buying a new apartment in Istanbul would never be an easy job, however, with Damas Group consultants who provide me with the necessary support and guidance, made the buying process very easy… distinctive team ... outstanding work!

Mr. Sabry Khaled

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all what you have done for us during my visit to Istanbul. Since I was received at the airport until my departure from it, you have been very sincere in your welcoming and professionalism in the field of real estate..

Mr. Ahmed Shalaby
Republic of Sudan

I am very happy to be here in Istanbul, meeting the staff of Damas Real Estate Company. In my opinion, their professional performance guides me greatly choose the right property and helps me doing all the necessary legal procedures easily.

Dr. Osama Albadawi

The best company I have dealt with during my trip in search of the best property.

Mr.Masoud Soleimani

My experience in buying property in Istanbul with Damas Group was a great experience as they provided me with the best real estate offers that really suited me.

Mr.Ammar Al Karajouli

Buying property requires trust and this is what I found with Damas Group.

Mr.Abdul Ghani Al Zawawi

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