Best areas in Istanbul 2023

Best Places in Istanbul 2023

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  1.  Best Areas in Istanbul - Future Projects
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Istanbul, with its European and Asian sides, boasts upscale neighborhoods, each with a modern touch and a rich history. These places share captivating stories, intertwining a lively history that captivates you in the enchanting blend of past and present charm. Surrounded by lush greenery and the pristine beauty of its seas, it's an enchanting experience.


 Best Areas in Istanbul - Future Projects


- Renowned for its historical significance and commercial markets.

- Home to consulates, government offices, and a blend of modern and historic structures.

- Property prices are high due to its central location.


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- Famous for its beauty, directly overlooking the Sea of Marmara.

- A major residential area within Bakırköy, attracting both locals and tourists.

- Strolling through its luxurious streets offers architectural elegance.


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أماكن اسطنبول


- One of the most beautiful tourist areas on the Asian side.

- Features attractions like Bride's Hill and the Umbrella Street.

- Real estate combines both old and modern styles, witnessing gradual price increases.


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- Offers a luxurious living experience with a unique view.

- Directly situated on the Bosphorus, overlooking the Maiden's Tower and the first Bosphorus Bridge.

  • Known for its sandy beaches and cafes with sea views.


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Best Modern Areas in Istanbul


أفضل المناطق الحديثة



- A prominent area with four distinct zones: Başakşehir Center, Bahçeşehir, Kayabaşı, and Şahintepe.

- Başakşehir, with its strategic location, has seen rising property values.

- The area benefits from the new Istanbul Canal and an extended metro line, enhancing its appeal.

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- Located to the west of the city, Esenyurt features affordable modern projects.

- Expected to flourish, especially after the completion of the new Istanbul Canal.

- Connected to the Beylikdüzü area, known for its luxurious residential projects.

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- For those seeking modern projects close to the city center, Bahçelievler is an ideal choice.

- Despite lacking a sea view, this area is perfect for family living and real estate investment.

- Positioned on the E80 highway leading directly to Başakşehir.

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- Küçükçekmece, specifically Küçükçekmece Lake, boasts its unique beauty.

- Undergoing urban, industrial, and cultural development.

- Positioned in the southern part of European Istanbul, surrounded by Başakşehir and Bahçelievler.

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Under Construction Projects in Istanbul 2024


أماكن قيد الإنشاء


- A sustainable housing project in Bahçelievler designed for modern living.

- Offers a balance between urban life and resident privacy.

- Features communal areas with gardens and spacious terraces for family gatherings.

- Located in the heart of the city, providing a tranquil environment away from the urban hustle.


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Referans Beylikdüzü:

- Situated in Beylikdüzü near Marina Istanbul, consisting of 8 buildings with 14 floors each.

- Apartment options include 1+2, 1+3, 1+4, and 1+5 with areas up to 260 square meters.

- Surrounded by vibrant amenities, health centers, educational institutions, and commercial malls.

- Offers stunning sea views of the Marmara Sea.

[Read more about the project]


Favorist Evleri:

- Located on the European side in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul.

- Diverse housing options, including 1+1 for singles and 1+1, 2+3, and 1+4 for small or large families.

- Wide balconies with views of Büyükçekmece Lake and the Marmara Sea.

- Convenient payment plan with a 50% initial payment and the remaining installments over 24 months. Expected delivery in Q1 2025.

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Sega Cadde :

- A distinctive project in Küçükçekmece, near Küçükçekmece Lake.

- Only 12 minutes away from the Metrobus station and 35 minutes from the new Istanbul Airport.

- Offers a unique payment plan without an initial payment, making it an attractive investment.

- Project completion expected in June 2024.

[Read more about the project]


Brand Atakent :

- A luxurious residential project in Küçükçekmece, Istanbul.

- Modern living and premium services in a vibrant and well-connected area.

- Positioned for outstanding investment opportunities, particularly due to its near to the new Istanbul Canal.

- Scheduled for delivery in Q1 2024.

[Read more about the project]


 Loft Valentine :

- A tower with 11 floors and 407 spacious residential units in Bahçelievler.

- Features high ceilings and large windows with panoramic views of the bustling Başakşehir Express Road.

- Designed for top-tier living with smart construction techniques.

- Ideal for investors and businessmen due to its proximity to the exhibition center and the planned commercial center of Istanbul.

- Expected completion in the first half of 2024.

[Read more about the project]


These projects epitomize the latest in modern and luxurious living in Istanbul, providing a range of amenities and integrated services. For more details on the projects and information about payment plans, feel free to contact Damascus Group Real Estate.

أفضل العقارات في مدينة اسطنبول





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The city of Başakşehir is famous for its four districts: Başakşehir, Bahçeşehir, Kayabaşı, and the Sporium area.

The project (As Concept) is one of the most important sustainable housing projects in the Bağcılar area on Başın Express Street. Protection Status