Get Turkish Nationality from property 2024

Get Turkish Nationality from property 2024


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  1. How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship through Property Purchase
  2. Steps to Obtain Turkish Citizenship
  3. Turkish Citizenship for Only $400,000
  4. Projects Suitable for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship in 2024


The Turkish government has provided a great chance for foreigners interested in investing in Turkey, offering an additional benefit of obtaining Turkish citizenship. This gives them the right to a Turkish passport and all its benefits, including visa-free travel to around 80 countries, and immediate visa issuance in about 40 countries upon arrival at their airports. The citizenship law, passed in 2017 and updated in 2022, includes various nationalities, with some exceptions like North Korea and Syria.

The latest changes in 2022 brought in new requirements for acquiring Turkish citizenship through various types of investments, all sharing a common condition: not abandoning the investment for a minimum of 3 years from its start.

Investment Choices: There are various investment options for gaining Turkish citizenship, with the most notable ones being:


How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship through Property Purchase


  1. Real Estate Purchase - $400,000:

    • Buy a property worth $400,000, which can include residential and commercial properties, as well as licensed construction land. It's important to note that agricultural land is not considered eligible for Turkish citizenship, based on the latest information as of December 2023.

  2. Bank Deposit - $500,000:

    • Deposit $500,000 in a Turkish bank.

  3. Company Establishment and Employment - 50 Turkish Workers:

    • Establish a company and employ 50 Turkish workers, with the condition of not terminating any of them for a duration of 3 years.


If you're looking for more detailed information about purchasing real estate for Turkish citizenship, you can click here.


Steps to apply for Turkish Nationality 


Here are the steps to obtain Turkish citizenship, translated into English and written in a conversational style:

  1. Find the Right Property: Start by contacting your trusted real estate consultant to find the appropriate property for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

  2. Understand the Laws: Seek assistance from your real estate consultant’s company to familiarize yourself with all the laws, fees, property taxes, and conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

  3. Start the Search: Your journey begins with tours and visits to projects that are suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship and comply with all the required conditions in different regions of Turkey. At Damas Group Real Estate, our real estate experts can help you choose the best and most suitable location for your future goals, whether you plan to live there, reinvest, or sell in the future.

  4. Purchase the Property: You can purchase one or several properties with a total value of no less than $400,000. This depends on the investor’s goal for this purchase and their investment plans.

  5. Obtain a Certified Property Evaluation Report: This report determines the real value of the property.

  6. Sign the Purchase Contract: However, this should be done after the issuance of the property evaluation report.

  7. Register the Property: The property should be officially registered in the Land Registry Department, and the property value should be deposited in the bank in foreign currency.

  8. Make a Reservation: Request a reservation for 3 years in the Land Registry Department, where the property owner undertakes not to sell the property before the end of 3 years.

  9. Apply for an Investment Residence: Request to obtain an investment residence from the Immigration Department.

  10. Apply for Turkish Citizenship: Submit an application for Turkish citizenship in the Population Directorate.


The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship takes between 3 to 6 months. Please note that this is a simplified explanation and the actual process may involve more detailed steps and requirements. It’s always best to consult with a legal expert or a trusted real estate consultant when planning to obtain Turkish citizenship through property investment.


Here is a detailed explanation of the stages to obtain Turkish citizenship. Click the following article


400,000 $ For Turkish Nationality 


You might initially think that paying $400,000 to buy a property for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship is a high amount. But if we look at it from the perspective of businessmen or people with an investment mindset, you’ll see that you get many benefits in return for this amount.

You’re investing in a country that attracts a wide audience of investors and businessmen around the world due to the leap that Turkey has experienced over the past ten years, which has multiplied its economy. In addition to the superiority of the real estate investment sector in Turkey over many European countries, Turkey is witnessing unparalleled prosperity in its massive government projects such as airports and the new Istanbul Canal.

Add to this its natural terrain and its distinguished and strategic location on the world map. All this and more will make your real estate investment yield a steady and high return. You’ll be surprised after 3 years how much the value of your property has increased significantly (one of the conditions for applying for citizenship is the commitment not to sell the property before the expiration of 3 years).

Real estate in Turkey is continually rising, so with this investment, you not only obtain Turkish citizenship but also make an investment and achieve high returns from renting it. And if you later wanted to sell it, you would find that your capital has increased and grown by no less than 60%, especially if you choose the right place and property.

Today, Turkish citizenship has become a dream for many, especially in the Middle East and those fleeing from the lack of security in their countries due to the economic and political crises facing their countries, which pose a danger to their investments and capital.

Especially with the many benefits enjoyed by the holder of citizenship, such as the ease of obtaining a Schengen visa to enter the European Union.

In addition to the holder of citizenship benefiting from the Turkish retirement program and benefiting from all medical rights and health insurances and free education opportunities and all other rights like any Turkish citizen.


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Projects Suitable for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship in 2024


Here are some suitable projects for obtaining Turkish citizenship in 2024 through the purchase of an apartment:


  1. D-241 Complex in Istanbul:

    • Location: Eyüp, in the center of European Istanbul.
    • Delivery Date: December 2023.
    • Payment: Installments.
    • Property Type: Apartments.
    • The project consists of four independent residential stages, including 60% green spaces for gardens and water surfaces. The first stage consists of three residential buildings with available apartments of types 1+1 / 2+1 / 3+1, in addition to commercial shops surrounding the project. The project area is served by a tramway just 10 minutes away from the project, connecting the Aminonu area with Ghazi Osman Pasha. In addition, there is a tramway line connecting the Topkapi area with Sultan Ghazi.


  1. D-128 Complex in Istanbul:

    • Location: Belikdüzü.
    • Delivery Date: Ready.
    • Payment: Cash.
    • Property Type: Apartments, Shops, Villas.
    • The project consists of 9 residential blocks containing 1160 residential apartments. The land area of the project is 44,400 m2. The complex enjoys a smart apartment system where you can control the lighting and curtains of the house, receive water and electricity bills through it, and communicate with the complex administration among other advantages.


 شراء عقار في اسطنبول

Also, explore the best properties in Istanbul


D-161 Complex in Istanbul:

    • Location: Basin Express.
    • Delivery Date: Ready.
    • Payment: Cash.
    • Property Type: Apartments/Home Office.
    • The project consists of two towers containing 658 residence apartments. There are restaurants, cafes, and shops with international brands under the complex, totaling 41 commercial units. The complex is notable for its proximity to Ataturk Airport.

      Turkish Nationality from Buying a Villa 

      For those looking for larger spaces and more privacy, there are many villa complexes projects in 2024 that are compatible with obtaining Turkish citizenship. These projects offer a variety of options to suit different needs and preferences.
  1. D-130 Complex in Istanbul:

    • Location: Belikdüzü.
    • Delivery Date: Ready.
    • Payment: Cash.
    • Property Type: Villas.
    • The project is located directly on the Sea of Marmara and consists of 87 villas. Most of the villas boast direct sea views of stunning beauty. Each villa consists of 3 floors, in addition to a distinctive garden surrounding the building, which includes a parking lot and a swimming pool with a beautiful sea view. Prices start from 78,256,700 Turkish Lira.


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Holders of Syrian citizenship are not eligible to obtain Turkish citizenship through property ownership in Turkey. This is due to historical wars and agreements dating back to the establishment of the Turkish and Syrian Republics.

Many Syrians have been able to establish companies and acquire property through them. In this way, the Syrian becomes the owner of the company that owns the real estate, rather than owning the property directly.

Since the Syrian investor is not allowed to buy real estate in Turkey, the option of obtaining Turkish citizenship through property ownership is not feasible. However, there is a solution: the Syrian investor can deposit $500,000 in a bank for a period of 3 years as an alternative means to obtain Turkish citizenship. Additionally, Syrians can acquire exceptional Turkish citizenship through a decision by the President of the Republic, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Many Syrians who have migrated or been displaced due to crises, wars, and unsafe conditions in their home countries have been granted exceptional citizenship to integrate them further into Turkish society.

It is required to deposit the value of the property in a bank in foreign currency, and it will be converted into Turkish Lira within the bank. It is important to obtain receipts for the currency conversion and a Foreign Exchange Transaction Form (DAB), which should be submitted to the Land Registry Directorate. Then, the payment for the property is made through a regular bank transfer, and a receipt for the transfer of the property value to the seller is provided.

Yes, the wife and children under the age of 18 of the foreign investor are eligible to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.

The property cannot be sold as you will apply for a reservation of the property at the Land Registry Directorate. By doing so, you commit not to sell the property before the expiration of 3 years. However, during this time, you can still benefit from and lease the property. Protection Status