Buying an Apartment in Turkey to Rent it out 2024

 Buying an Apartment in Turkey to Rent it out 2024 


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  1. Expected Profit from Buying and Renting an Apartment in Turkey
  2. The Difference Between Annual and Monthly Rent
  3. Disadvantages of Buying an Apartment for Rent in Istanbul
  4. Other Real Estate Investment Options in Turkey
  5. Reselling the Property
  6. Tips Before Buying and Renting an Apartment in Turkey


Over the past four years, the Turkish real estate market has proven its strength and ability to remain stable despite all crises. It has managed to achieve notable activity, especially in Istanbul, thanks to the efforts made by the government and the facilities it provided to investors to encourage the real estate market and revive it again. This had a positive impact in attracting foreign capital and causing a construction revolution that included all Turkish cities.

In addition to the government’s efforts to develop Turkish cities and equip them with the latest infrastructure and plan for many massive projects with high standards, Turkey’s openness to the world and the great fame enjoyed by its universities, offering many scholarships, as well as the tourism sector that Turkey is famous for, have all contributed to this growth. Turkey is well-known as one of the most prominent countries with tourist landmarks and the number of tourists who flock daily to visit it. The significant development that has affected the therapeutic tourism sector through the attention that the Turkish government has given to the health sector in recent years attracts more students, tourists, and those looking for the best medical services from foreigners who are looking for temporary apartments to stay in Turkey. In addition to the great job opportunities that Turkey provides every year, which attracts many new arrivals to its territories who do not have the ability to buy an apartment and are looking for suitable apartments for rent, hence the urgent need for rental homes in Turkey permanently emerged.



Expected Profit from Buying and Renting an Apartment in Turkey

If your investment is for the purpose of renting, calculating the expected return from the rent compared to the property price and including all other costs until the moment of starting to rent it, in addition to calculating the time factor to evaluate the success of the investment and its ability to add value to the invested capital and other factors, is one of the most topics that occupy the minds of investors. It represents a clear picture of the feasibility of the investment and its success.

Rental returns for 2024 in Istanbul range between 5% and 8% depending on the location of the property and the level of demand. For example, some areas such as Şişli and Fatih provide higher returns than others due to their proximity to the center of Istanbul and the places that are a famous tourist destination for many tourists coming to Turkey.


The Difference Between Annual and Monthly Rent

الفرق بين الإيجار السنوي والإيجار الشهري


Monthly rent or tourist rent means renting a property for a short period, usually less than 100 days, for tourists or visitors. The difference between the price of tourist rent and the price of annual rent is mainly due to supply and demand in the market, the quality of the property and its location, and the expenses and taxes involved. In general, the price of tourist rent is higher than the price of annual rent per day, for the following reasons:

The demand for tourist rent increases, especially in popular destinations and peak seasons, and the supply decreases, as not all properties are suitable or licensed for tourist rent. Turkey has organized rules for short-term residential rentals and they are now subject to certain rules and mandatory licenses that must be done before concluding any contract. Today, Turkey is a destination for many celebrities who visit it for tourism or work and are looking for luxury villas and apartments for monthly rent.

Tourist rent provides more flexibility and comfort for tenants, who can choose the dates, duration, and location of their stay, and enjoy the amenities and services provided by the property. However, tourist rent imposes more expenses and taxes on owners, who must pay the costs of maintaining, cleaning, marketing, and licensing the property, and comply with local regulations and tax laws.

From here, the owner can compare the two prices and determine the type of rent that is most profitable for the property. In this case, the owner can earn more revenue from tourist rent, but he also has to bear more risks and troubles. The owner can also adjust the prices according to market conditions and tenant preferences.


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Disadvantages of Buying an Apartment for Rent in Istanbul


عيوب شراء شقة للتأجير في اسطنبول


Buying an apartment for rent in Istanbul is a profitable real estate investment and suitable for many people who are looking for additional income or providing future income. But as with any investment, there are some drawbacks that should be considered before making a decision. Here are some of these drawbacks:

You may face difficulty in finding reliable tenants who are committed to the contract and payment at the specified dates and do not leave the property in a bad condition. This could affect your investment return and increase the risk of losses or legal disputes. You may need to pay additional fees and taxes on the property and the income you get from the rent, which may reduce your profitability and increase your monthly or annual costs. You may need to bear the responsibility of maintenance and necessary repairs for the apartment in case of any malfunctions or damages, which may cost you large amounts of money or consume your time and effort. Property owners are not allowed to refrain from renewing rental contracts without having logical reasons to do so. When renewing a rental contract, the property owner is obliged according to Turkish laws by the increase rate determined by the average consumer price index during a period of 12 months. You may be exposed to fluctuations in the real estate and economic market in Turkey, which may affect the value of the apartment and the demand for it and the prices you can collect from the rent, which may make your investment unstable or guaranteed.

Therefore, buying an apartment for rent in Istanbul may be a wise and considered decision if all aspects and influencing factors are taken into account, and if a professional and reliable real estate company is relied upon, which provides you with the best advice, consultation, and service.


Other Real Estate Investment Options in Turkey


Investors’ eyes are directed to the real estate market in Turkey because it has always proven its worth as one of the most profitable investments in addition to its severe diversity to satisfy all tastes, which made it precede its fame many global markets but it remains a not easy field and needs a lot of experience, research, and work to gain as much information as possible and analyze it. Everyone aims from his investment to achieve profit, increase his income sources, and double his capital. This article will review the different ways of real estate investment in Turkey.

Today, buying real estate for the purpose of renting it may be considered a guaranteed option because it provides a regular monthly income, but there is a wide range of options for investing in your property. To be a successful investor, you must possess the arts of research, gathering information, analyzing it, and comparing it to find the investment option closest to achieving your investment goals. Or you can rely on the experience of a trusted real estate consulting company that has experience and a good reputation in the real estate market.


Reselling the Property


Some people see that buying an apartment in places that promise a prosperous future, even if its rent is not high, may achieve a bigger profit for their investment when choosing to resell with the rise in the apartment’s price in the future.

The investor’s experience plays a big role when studying the market and analyzing prices to choose the most appropriate moment to carry out the resale operation in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the price difference between the two operations of buying and reselling.

And the properties that are resold attract a lot of investors as they possess many advantages. For example, many investors do not have the patience and enough time to wait to see their property ready and prefer to get their property as soon as possible and inspect it themselves to make sure it matches the specifications and avoid any surprises in the future and start making an immediate profit.


شراء عقار في اسطنبول

view property options in Istanbul 


Investing and Renting Commercial Properties

The Turkish government has adopted a set of reforms to encourage investment in commercial properties by providing facilities and offering tax incentives reduced by 20% on rental income for properties rented to companies.

Turkey’s strategic location between Europe and Asia and its proximity to the Middle East have made it an ideal base for those wishing to expand their commercial businesses. This is in addition to its ongoing economic and social development and the government’s investment in massive projects such as the new Istanbul Canal and Istanbul Airport, and the adoption of many infrastructure projects to international standards.


Investing in Land

Land prices are relatively cheap compared to apartment prices and receive support from the Turkish government, making it an opportunity to own real estate assets at a lower cost.

Land comes in the list of properties as the best investment achieving high profit rates as land prices rise year after year. Especially if there is a strong infrastructure, road network, and proximity to public transportation and public transport.

Then the land achieves an exceptional value for your real estate investment and represents a unique opportunity that cannot be compensated, especially in Turkish cities that are witnessing a construction boom for construction projects such as Antalya and Bursa. Where it can be exploited in residential or commercial projects or through selling or renting it.


Investing in Tourist Properties

This includes shopping malls, hotels, studio apartments, and hotel apartments.

Turkey’s city has an important status and forms a prominent tourist facade among the countries of the world. Turkey’s tourist fame, in addition to the moderate climate enjoyed by most of its Turkish cities and its charming nature, has made it a source of attraction for a wide audience of tourists coming from all over the world. This has made investing in Turkey in tourist properties one of the safest investments due to the increasing number of tourists coming to Turkey.


Statistics for 2023 recorded up to 52.7 million tourists visited Turkey during 11 months.

It is distinguished from investing in other properties in that it is one of the least affected investments by changes in the local market and achieves higher returns than the returns of profits from renting other traditional apartments.

Real estate investments are a strong and profitable investment strategy, but they also require a lot of research and planning. Investors should consider many factors, including location, cost, expected return, and associated risks, before making an investment decision.

No matter what type of real estate investment in Turkey you choose, it is a means to acquire Turkish citizenship or real estate residence and gain the advantage of stability in the country legally and enjoy all the privileges like any Turkish citizen.


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Tips Before Buying and Renting an Apartment in Turkey


Buying an apartment in Turkey and renting it can be a profitable investment if you follow some tips and guidelines. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Location of Your Apartment: The location of your apartment is one of the most important foundations of your investment success. Therefore, it is preferable to choose the apartment in a place that has a future in a region that is constantly developing. For example, you can inquire about the locations of the massive projects that the government is seeking to establish and research in those areas.

  2. Availability of Services: Always make sure that there are integrated service and social facilities in the area and modern and comfortable transportation means that connect the property area with as many other vital areas as possible. All these factors help to rent your apartment quickly.

  3. Rental Prices: Verify the rental prices in the area where you want to buy your apartment and the amount of demand for apartments in that area and compare it with the purchase price and other areas to form a clear idea of whether the property you intend to invest in is worth the amount you will pay to buy it or not.

  4. Small Apartments: Look for small apartments as the demand for small apartments is greater and they can be rented more quickly and easily due to the breadth and diversity of the base of categories looking for stability in small apartments such as students, small families, and newcomers to Turkey, whether for work, stability, or tourism.

  5. Property Verification: Match the area and specifications stated in the title deed (Tabu) with the shape of the property and verify the documentary papers and the Tabu and the absence of any legal problems or real estate mortgage or any other rights on the purchased property.

  6. Long-term Perspective: Your success requires a long-term perspective: Buying an apartment for rent is not just one deal, but a long-term investment that requires patience, planning, and management. You should be prepared to face potential challenges and risks, such as periods of recession and you may face some unexpected expenses, such as emergency repairs or losses resulting from damage or default on payment. Therefore, you should allocate a budget for these surprises and be prepared to deal with them. You should also set a clear goal for your investment return and follow it regularly.

  7. Renewal of Rental Contracts: Remember to renew rental contracts: When you find a suitable tenant for your apartment, you should sign a clear and detailed lease contract with him that defines rights, obligations, terms, and duration. You should also follow the expiration dates of the contracts and negotiate their renewal with the tenants before the contract expires. This helps you avoid periods of recession and maintain your rental income.



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The rental yields for the year 2024 in Istanbul range between 5% and 8% depending on the property location and demand level.

Tourist rental means leasing a property for a short period, typically less than 100 days, to tourists or visitors.

In addition to the flexibility it offers renters to choose the location and duration of their stay, not all properties are suitable or licensed for short-term rental. Therefore, their prices increase during peak seasons due to increased demand and limited supply. Additionally, property owners incur additional high expenses and taxes such as licensing costs, maintenance, and marketing.

Possible drawbacks include difficulty finding reliable and committed tenants who adhere to the contract and make payments on time, the possibility of them leaving the property in poor condition, bearing additional fees and taxes, assuming responsibility for maintenance and repairs, and being exposed to fluctuations in the real estate and economic markets.

Property owners are not allowed to refuse the renewal of leases without reasonable grounds. When renewing a lease, the property owner is obliged, according to Turkish laws, to adhere to the increase percentage determined by the average consumer price index over a 12-month period.

There are several options for real estate investment in Turkey, including buying properties for rental, property resale, investing in and leasing commercial properties, land investments, and investing in tourist properties.

Real estate investment in Turkey offers many benefits, including high returns, property diversity, reasonable prices, and the opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship or real estate residency.

Real estate consultancy firms in Turkey provide support and advice to investors, assisting them in gathering, analyzing, and comparing information to find the investment option that aligns with their investment goals.

Investing in tourist properties in Turkey is considered one of the safest investments due to the increasing number of tourists coming to Turkey, and it generates relatively higher returns compared to profits from renting traditional apartments. Protection Status