What are the steps to get the Turkish Nationality 2024?


What are the steps to get the Turkish Nationality 2024? 



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  1.  Steps to Obtain Turkish Citizenship in 2024:
  2. Damas Group Real Estate's Role in Obtaining Turkish Citizenship
  3. Required Documents for Turkish Citizenship Application:
  4. Property Project Evaluation
  5. Obtaining Turkish ID and Passport
  6. Projects Suitable for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship in 2024
  7. Turkish Citizenship through Villa Purchase:


Turkey is one of the countries offering citizenship to foreigners through real estate investment. Getting Turkish citizenship through property ownership provides numerous advantages, including the opportunity to travel to over 126 countries with a Turkish passport. Turkey is an attractive destination for business, investment, and a comfortable lifestyle.


Steps to Obtain Turkish Citizenship in 2024:


  1. Real Estate Purchase and Ownership Documents:

    • Find a specialized real estate company like Damas Group with a strong property portfolio for Turkish citizenship.
    • Choose a property and obtain a property appraisal report from a government-registered company.
    • Complete the bank deposit and receive bank transfer receipts, obtain a tax number, sign contracts, and register the sale with the Land Registry.
    • Have a specialized lawyer to expedite and ensure accuracy in the transaction process.

  2. Prepare Required Documents and Obtain Compliance Certificate:

    • The Land Registry submits the application to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.
    • The Directorate conducts a comprehensive study on the applicant, verifies document authenticity, and sends an email confirming property compliance with Turkish citizenship conditions.

  3. Apply for Investor Residence Permit from Immigration Department:

    • Submit the property compliance certificate obtained earlier, along with the investor residence permit application form.
    • Include the original valid passport, birth certificate, and passport-sized photos.

According to the Directorate of Title Deed and Cadastre, between 2017 and 2021, 17,968 real estate investors from various countries obtained Turkish citizenship.


Applying for Turkish Citizenship:

To become a Turkish citizen, go to the Civil Registration Office and fill out the citizenship application form. Also, provide your earlier investor residence permit. Include civil status documents, passports for all family members, a family statement, birth certificates for everyone, and passport-sized photos.

The Civil Registration Office checks your application, sends it to the General Directorate of Civil Registration to verify there are no legal problems, and then passes it on to the General Directorate of Security and Turkish National Intelligence. Finally, the file is sent to the Ministry of Interior and the Presidency for approval.


Approval of the Application and Commencement of Turkish ID and Passport Issuance:

After obtaining Turkish citizenship, the process for acquiring Turkish ID begins. Start by obtaining a document from the governor, bypassing the stages of Turkish citizenship. Then, submit an application for a Turkish ID to the Civil Registration Directorate.

Once Turkish citizenship is confirmed, proceed to obtain a Turkish passport. After obtaining Turkish ID and a national number, apply for a Turkish passport to enjoy all the benefits and rights of any Turkish citizen.



For a comprehensive guide on obtaining Turkish citizenship, click [here]


Damas Group Real Estate's Role in Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

At Damas Group Real Estate, our mission is to turn your journey to acquiring Turkish citizenship into an exciting adventure.

Our expert team will show you different areas in Turkey, guiding you through on-site property visits to discover attractive projects for acquiring Turkish citizenship, including the newest advancements.

Our dedicated legal team manages the examination of initial sales contracts, property ownership transfers, obtaining tax numbers, and opening bank accounts. They help you through the process of applying for an investor residence permit, submitting the Turkish citizenship application, and making sure all documents are valid.

All you need to do is enjoy your visit to the beautiful cities of Turkey. Our team will take care of everything from your arrival at the airport until the important moment of getting citizenship and receiving your Turkish passport.

If you choose the right region and property, you can achieve up to a 60% gain in the total property value when sold after three years.

We, at Damas Group Real Estate, are ready to manage and lease your property after equipping it with all the necessary services for use.

Our long-standing experience in the Turkish real estate market, combined with our trustworthy business reputation, is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients and the top ratings our company holds in real estate competitions.

Get in touch with us today!



Required Documents for Turkish Citizenship Application:

  • Property Ownership Deed (Tapu) Copy

  • Property Appraisal Report

  • Bank-stamped Payment Receipts

  • Receipts of Payment Confirmation from the Property Seller, stamped by the receiving bank

  • Translated and Notarized Passports of the Property Owner, Spouse, and Underage Children

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Birth Certificates for all Family Members

  • No Conviction Document for the Property Owner and Spouse

  • Tax Number

  • Passport Photos

You can always depend on us and seek help from your real estate consultant at Damas Group Real Estate to organize and submit these documents. All the mentioned documents must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


شراء عقار في اسطنبول

Explore the Best Properties in Istanbul


Property Project Evaluation


Also known as the Real Estate Valuation Certificate, this document is crucial for providing detailed information about the status and true market value of a property. It holds primary significance when applying for Turkish citizenship.

To meet the criteria for obtaining a Compliance Certificate from the Land Registry, the property must be evaluated at a value not less than $400,000, regardless of its market listing price. This evaluation is carried out by an authorized entity appointed by the Turkish government.

The property appraisal report takes approximately 3 days to a week to be issued and is valid for only 3 months from the date of issuance.


Obtaining Turkish ID and Passport


In 2023, the Turkish passport ranked 48th on the list of world passports. The Turkish government aims to elevate its passport to the top 10 globally through political strategies, economic growth plans, and diplomatic relations.

Today, Turkey stands out as one of the safest and most stable countries for investments, offering a suitable environment for living and thriving businesses. With the introduction of the citizenship law in 2017, allowing citizenship in exchange for real estate investment, Turkey became a preferred destination for foreigners and Arabs.

After 3 years, investors can sell the property, recover their capital, and potentially gain up to 60% of the total property value while retaining Turkish citizenship.

At Damas Group Real Estate, our mission is to provide you with options that align with your citizenship goals and investment ambitions. We'll be with you every step of the way until you obtain Turkish citizenship.


Projects Suitable for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship in 2024


Choosing the right apartment that serves both as a residence and an outstanding investment is crucial. Here, we present the standout projects suitable for citizenship and investment in 2024.

Turkish Citizenship through Apartment Purchase:


D-200 Complex in Istanbul:

Location: Beylikduzu
Delivery Date: Ready for occupancy
Payment: Cash
Apartment Types: Studio, 1+1, 1+2, 1+3

This project consists of four blocks, one of which is 22 floors high, offering views of the Marmara Sea and Buyukcekmece Lake. It includes 436 residential apartments. There are 170 commercial units forming a distinctive shopping center beneath the project, featuring restaurants, cafes, and exclusive shops for residents.

The project stands out with its views of Buyukcekmece Lake and the Marmara Sea from the fourth floor onwards. It's close to three major malls, as well as the beach, the promenade, the marina, and the water sports city in Buyukcekmece on the Marmara Sea. Conveniently located next to the Metrobus station and well-served by buses and minibusses in the area.

Apartment prices start from 5,812,000 Turkish Lira for studios.


137D Complex in Istanbul:

Location: Basaksehir
Delivery Date: Ready for occupancy
Payment: Cash
Property Type: Apartments

This complex comprises 941 residential apartments and 24 commercial units below the project. What sets this project apart is its government guarantee. A new government square is being created in front of the project, along with a botanical garden spanning 380,000 square meters.


عقارات للجنسية التركية

Explore the Best Properties in Istanbul


Turkish Citizenship through Villa Purchase:

If you're interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate, the D-291 Complex in Istanbul might be of interest.


Location: Buyukcekmece

Delivery Date: Ready for occupancy

Payment: Cash

Property Type: Villas


This project is the biggest in the area, including a total of 640 villas, with either one or two floors, each having individual swimming pools.

The buildings are earthquake-resistant, with stone-clad walls and waterproof, heat-insulating tiled roofs. Within the villa complex, there are commercial units catering to the residents' needs, and they offer delivery services.

Buying a property in Turkey can qualify you for Turkish citizenship, and the D-291 Complex offers this opportunity with its luxurious villas and convenient amenities.



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داماس جروب العقارية

In the competitive real estate market, Damas Group Real Estate aims for excellence by offering the latest information and news about the Turkish real estate market. Our specialized marketing team is always ready to respond to your inquiries and answer all your questions. Our sales representatives are qualified and receive ongoing training to maintain top-notch work quality.

At Damas Group Real Estate, we have a diverse real estate portfolio that meets all your investment aspirations. We offer you our various options and aim to connect you with developers with whom we have strong relationships. We help you with all procedures, and even after you buy a property, we offer crafted investment plans to maximize returns through resale.. Contact us to learn more.

Since our establishment, we have been striving to reach the top in serving our clients. Your opinions and comments matter to us as we strive to climb the ladder of success towards the summit.



Certainly, you will save a lot of time by benefiting from our extensive experience in the real estate market and citizenship procedures. We will start by assisting you in choosing the most suitable property that aligns with the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, fulfilling your primary goal of the purchase, whether for settlement or profitable investment. Our specialized team will then handle all citizenship matters, oversee the proper progression of procedures, and prepare all necessary documents. We have a team of consultants and specialized lawyers who will take care of all the steps for you. All you need to do is wait for a short period, and we will deliver your Turkish passport to you.

Having a specialized lawyer's power of attorney is important to address any errors in the steps that may occur when applying for citizenship. This ensures the accuracy of official documents at each stage, in addition to expediting the transaction process. By appointing an experienced lawyer, you can obtain Turkish citizenship within 3 months. The power of attorney can be granted either through a notary (public notary) in Turkey or the consulate of the country where you reside.

All types of residential, commercial, tourist, and industrial properties, or even licensed land for construction, qualify as properties that grant the right to Turkish citizenship. Agricultural land, however, is not included among the types of properties that confer Turkish citizenship.

Yes, with the condition that their total value together is $400,000.

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