Istanbul Parks 2023

Istanbul Parks 2023


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If you pause to contemplate Istanbul from a high vantage point, it will appear to you like an expansive garden. The trees, with their varying shades of green, bask in the sunlight, reflecting vibrant colors. The houses and heritage landmarks in this area embrace each other, blending their colors with the blue waters of the Bosphorus Strait. This lively atmosphere undergoes a refreshing transformation with every change of the season. Istanbul becomes a captivating world of enchanting beauty.


Best Gardens in Istanbul


أفضل حدائق اسطنبول


Florya Park, Istanbul:

- Ideal for family holidays, this park offers diverse activities. It includes numerous restaurants, cafes, fun activities for children, and a long promenade along the park. Visitors often enjoy cycling tours along the famous Florya beach area.

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Japanese Garden:

- Located in Sarıyer, this unique garden features Japanese landmarks, natural and artificial water ponds. It acts as a focal point for various Japanese celebrations and provides a peaceful environment for reflection, strolling, and capturing unique and memorable photos. The floating restaurant on the lake provides Turkish and Japanese cuisine.

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Yıldız Park:

- Words cannot fully describe the beauty of Yıldız Park. Visiting takes you on a journey through time, unveiling the Yıldız Palace, one of the most renowned Ottoman palaces, surrounded by vibrant colors and various types of flowers. Small water ponds with swans add to the natural beauty, offering a warm and wonderful atmosphere.

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Çamlıca Hill (Çamlıca Tepesi):

- Also known as the "Bride's Hill," this is the perfect place for those seeking picturesque gardens in Istanbul. The hill offers panoramic views of both the Asian and European sides of Istanbul, with the Bosphorus Strait flowing between them. It's an ideal spot for memorable photos.

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Galaxy Adventures Park:

- For a day filled with adventure and excitement, this park offers diverse slopes and plenty of water activities suitable for all age groups. It's an energetic start to a busy workweek.

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Belgrad Forest (Belgrad Ormanı):

- One of the most beautiful and extensive parks, Belgrad Forest is perfect for an adventure. It houses various spots to explore, offering a magical world of beauty and serving as a diverse natural reserve for birds and animals.

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Emirgan Park:

- If you love tulips, Emirgan Park is a must-visit. It is home to one of the most beautiful tulip gardens in Istanbul, with a variety of pine trees. The park features water ponds, fountains, and a floating restaurant for snacks and drinks.

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Gulhane Park:

-Gulhane Park is a delightful park featuring a spacious square that branches into six different roads. It charms visitors with its open spaces, a central fountain, and various bird nests. It houses several exhibitions and architectural museums.

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Atatürk Arboretum:

- Captivating from the moment you enter, Atatürk Arboretum enchants with its vast square branching into six different paths and a grand central fountain. During your stroll, you may encounter numerous squirrel nests, birds, and water pools filled with ducks.

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Projects Overlooking Gardens


مشاريع مطلة على حدائق


One of our largest and most significant projects is located near the Gölet Park in the Büyükçekmece area, known as the "City of Gardens" in northwest Istanbul. This area is renowned for its beautifully organized green spaces, diverse flowers, and trees. The park includes designated areas for sports, cycling, and many children's playgrounds, making it perfect for spending quality time with family and friends. Additionally, it provides a fantastic opportunity to enjoy delicious cuisine in its restaurants or sit by the water, relishing the soothing sounds.

What sets this project apart is its central location for various events and music concerts. Moreover, it provides a stunning view of several other parks and recreational areas in the Büyükçekmece region. The project comprises model villas designed in various styles, ranging from 2+1 to 6+1, suitable for both residential living and real estate investment purposes in Turkey.

The payment plan is flexible, allowing either a 50% upfront payment or installment payments over 18 months.

The project area is known for its villa communities and hosts several ongoing government projects under construction. It is only 25 minutes away from the new Istanbul Airport, making it eligible for Turkish citizenship.

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Gardens Under Construction 2024

حدائق 2024


In 2013, the Ministry of Environment organized a competition for the "Most Beautiful Park Project," involving 150 provinces from various parts of Turkey. The theme was to increase green spaces in cities. The ministry covered all costs for 81 environmentally friendly parks. The goal of this project is to enhance the environment in cities by increasing greenery, thereby mitigating the effects of industrial development.

The new park plans incorporate playgrounds for children, youth gardens for sports and enjoyment, expansive areas, and comfortable seating for the elderly to rest. These integrated projects provide social facilities, cafes, restaurants, and parking spaces, ensuring ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation for visitors.

As part of an eco-friendly initiative, strict penalties are enforced on companies that do not have waste processing facilities. This aligns with the increasing environmental awareness and its significant position in the priorities of the Turkish government. The increase in environmental investments accompanies Turkey's economic growth.




أفضل العقارات في مدينة اسطنبول





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One of the largest current park projects that the Turkish government is working on is the "People's Park" in Istanbul. After the initiation of the Istanbul Airport project in 2019, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan planted the first seedlings at Atatürk Airport on May 29, 2022. This marked the beginning of the transformation of the area, including buildings and squares, into one of the largest public parks in Turkey and the fifth largest globally.

What will the park include at its opening?

The park will feature an events and activities section equipped with a giant screen with a capacity of up to 28,000 people. Furthermore, the park will feature a museum, library, lecture hall, many restaurants, cafes, and a mosque capable of accommodating 18,000 worshipers.

For sports enthusiasts, there will be a dedicated walking area and a sports square for 300 people, complete with grandstands capable of accommodating two thousand spectators. There will also be a special section for adventures, including a 650-meter-long skiing slope.

The park is anticipated to host thousands of diverse trees, encompassing coniferous and broad-leaved varieties, with a continuous water spring running through the dense tree cover.


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People's Park in Istanbul.

Gölet Park. Protection Status