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Information about the City


Our article tells the story of a city loved by everyone, visited by all admirers of the beauty and charm of Turkey. When in Turkey, you might have come across or visited the village of Al-Ma'shukiyya. Did you ever realize that it is situated in one of Turkey's most picturesque provinces, located in the Istanbul countryside, known as Kocaeli Province?

It serves as the gateway to the industrial Marmara Sea, connecting Europe and Asia through road networks and railways.

Kocaeli is located in the northwest of Turkey, west of Istanbul, north of the Black Sea coast, east of Sakarya, and south of Bursa. It encompasses a vast area of the Sea of Marmara.

Its geographical importance stems from serving as a gateway to the Sea of Marmara through the Gulf of Kocaeli and being one of Turkey's entry points to the Black Sea.

Today, let's explore the key features of life and investment in this wonderful province.



Projects in the Kocaeli Region


Kocaeli Province comprises 12 regions, each distinguished by residential apartment styles that blend with their unique living conditions and lifestyle. In this article, we will present projects for sale in Kocaeli in two of the best places that attract investors.

D-510 Complex in Kocaeli

Location: Izmit City

Delivery Date: 5/2024

Payment Method: 50% down payment, the rest in 12 monthly installments

Izmit is one of the most famous areas in Kocaeli, with a massive seaport and many cement and phosphate factories. This development has attracted a significant number of both foreigners and Turks to invest in land, undertake construction projects, and establish companies.


Project Features:

Consists of 6 residential buildings with 7 floors each, totaling 430 apartments.

Offers views of the Sea of Marmara, Lake Bishkekdera, and the surrounding forests.

Spacious apartment areas.

Includes all service and recreational facilities.



D-509 Complex in Kocaeli:

Location: Kartepe

Delivery Date: 12/2023

Payment Method: 50% down payment, the rest in 6 monthly installments


Kartepe is famous for its breathtaking snowy mountain, providing visitors with exciting activities and many hotels scattered at its summit. It provides a unique adventure experience that signifies the start of the winter tourism season every December.

The Turkish government has given considerable attention to the tourist attractions in the area, concentrating efforts on enhancing and developing the infrastructure. This has resulted in attracting more tourists and individuals interested in settling there. The government has also laid out plans to replace old buildings with modern structures, leading to various redevelopment projects in the region.

The real estate in Kartepe is in high demand among both Arab and foreign communities, particularly renowned for its agricultural lands that serve as an excellent investment choice.

The area is undergoing urban revitalization, attracting many construction companies eager to embark on projects and leverage its ample spaces.

Currently, the area is well-served by buses and several minibusses that cover the entire region. It is approximately 16 km away from the Maşukıye region and about an hour's drive from Istanbul.


Project Features:

Consists of 16 buildings with a total of 501 apartments, including 1+1 to 4+1 apartments and duplexes of all types.

10 minutes from Kocaeli Airport.

8 km away from the city center.

Includes all service and recreational facilities.


Apartment Prices in Kocaeli


The following table provides an overview of apartment prices in the Turkish city of Kocaeli:


Apartment Type Number of Rooms Estimated Price (in USD)
1+1 Bedroom Apartment 1 $100,000 - $150,000
1+2 Bedroom Apartment 2 $150,000 - $250,000
1+3 Bedroom Apartment 3 $250,000 - $350,000



Benefits of Buying an Apartment in Kocaeli


When choosing to buy an apartment in Kocaeli for residence, you gain two main advantages. Firstly, enjoy a calm life outside the city, with all the essential amenities, like Istanbul, including living, essential, and recreational facilities. "Kocaeli is a developed city, experiencing significant improvements and updates in the industrial sector."

The second benefit is lower property prices compared to other Turkish cities, while still having advanced infrastructure and many life-enhancing features.

Despite its positive qualities, it's known for a low cost of living, particularly in real estate, making it easy to find affordable properties within your investment budget.

Located just 105 km from Izmit, the capital of Kocaeli, and an hour's drive from Istanbul, being close to these cities makes the idea of working or opening a company in Istanbul while living in Kocaeli appealing to many foreigners and investors. The breathtaking views add vibrancy to your apartment and bring more happiness to your life in the heart of its stunning nature.

Choosing to settle in this city helps achieve various investment goals, including obtaining real estate residence or qualifying for citizenship


Rentals in Kocaeli


If you want to buy an apartment in Kocaeli for rental income, there won't be any problem. "Besides the mentioned features, Kocaeli provides a direct view of the Sea of Marmara and many Black Sea beaches, earning its title as an exceptional coastal tourist city." Apart from what it provides to its residents with an integrated network of roads and convenient transportation means.

As a key industrial city in Turkey, it provides abundant job opportunities, attracting many to work and settle in the area. Investing in properties for resale or rental in Kocaeli is a secure long-term investment. Investing in properties for resale or rental in Kocaeli is a secure long-term investment. The city combines historical heritage with modern architecture, appealing to a broad audience of tourists visiting Turkey.

The apartments stand out for their luxurious construction in a deluxe style, following the latest global designs. This provides investors with a variety of options that suit their investment plans


Transportation in Kocaeli


Kocaeli has undergone robust urban development and infrastructure improvement, featuring an integrated transportation network connecting all parts of the city and with other nearby Turkish cities. This includes updated roads to facilitate movement due to the high influx of tourists and visitors. The main transportation means include:

- Dolmuş (private buses)

- Public buses

- Taxis and cabs

- Tramway lines

- Maritime ferries

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