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Between the beauty of golden sandy beaches, the allure of therapeutic hot springs, and the multi-layered history, the city of Yalova in Turkey shines as one of the most splendid tourist destinations in the country. This coastal city offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical culture, providing a distinctive experience that caters to the preferences of tourists with diverse tastes.

We present in your hands a detailed report about Yalova in Turkey and accurate information. Through this report, the editorial team at Damas Group Real Estate aims to shed light on everything related to this city that has attracted tourists and investors interested in buying apartments in Yalova, Turkey."

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Information about Yalova, Turkey


The city of Yalova, also known as Yalova, is located on the outskirts of the Samanlı Mountains in the northwestern part of the Republic of Turkey. It stretches along the eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara and is about 175 kilometers away from the capital, Istanbul, which is roughly a two and a half hour drive or around seventy minutes by the fast ferry.

Throughout history, this city has been marked by the succession of various groups, with its long history spanning ages. It started with the Hittites who occupied it in 200 BC, followed by the Franks and Kimmers, then the Bithynians, and the Roman and Byzantine empires to establish the city's history. Additionally, the Ottoman Empire occupied it in 1303 AD. In 1930, the city was incorporated into the administration of Istanbul by order of the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

The city of Yalova has witnessed a diverse influx of migrations since 1893, with groups migrating from various regions including the Balkans such as Crimea, Bulgaria, the Caucasus, Yugoslavia, Romania, Greece, and Circassia. These diverse regions coexisted despite their cultural differences, adding a unique flavor to the city's social and cultural diversity, becoming an inspiring success story.

Undoubtedly, the city's climate is also characterized by its diversity, falling within the Mediterranean and subtropical patterns. Its summer is characterized by heat and humidity, making it a destination for tourists from around the world. Winter, on the other hand, is marked by cold temperatures and rainfall. The period between October and January has the highest rainfall, followed by a gradual decrease in precipitation.


Apartments in Yalova, Turkey


If you're seeking comfort and independence during your stay in Yalova, purchasing an apartment might be the ideal choice for you. There are numerous apartments in Yalova that provide modern facilities and comfortable living spaces. You can choose between spacious family apartments or smaller units suitable for individual travelers or couples. Some apartments in Yalova are located near the beaches, while others offer stunning sea views.

Furthermore, by purchasing apartments in Yalova, Turkey, at a certain value, you can obtain Turkish citizenship and extend it to all family members under 18 years old. Additionally, you have the opportunity to obtain a Turkish passport, enjoy visa-free travel to more than 100 countries, and benefit from the rights of Turkish citizenship.

Here is a quick overview of apartment prices in the city of Yalova, Turkey, through the following table.



One-Bedroom Apartment

Two-Bedroom Apartment

Three-Bedroom Apartment

Price in Turkish Lira (TRY)

450,000 - 3,500,000

700,000 - 5,000,000

950,000 – 5,000,000

Price in Saudi Riyal (SAR)

62,400 – 485,000

97,000 – 742,000

131,700 – 742,000

Price in Euro (EUR)

15,000 – 117,000

23,500 – 180,000

32,000 – 180,000

Price in US Dollar (USD)

16,600 – 129,000

28,800 – 198,000

35,000 – 198,000


Last month, housing prices in Yalova rose by 8.43% in the real estate market for sale offerings, while the average price per square meter of residential property in Yalova is 9,908 Turkish Lira.


Projects for sale in Yalova

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 Villas in Yalova Turkey

There are many villas in Yalova, which offer luxurious accommodations and high-quality services. You can enjoy a private swimming pool, beautiful garden, modern amenities, as well as exquisite interior design. Villas in Yalova provide an exceptional experience for travelers seeking comfort and complete privacy.



Turkish Lira (TRY)

Saudi Riyal (SAR)

Euro (EUR)

US Dollar (USD)


1,800,000 - 8,500,000

250,000 - 1,180,000

60,500 - 286,000

66,600 - 314,000


Villas for sale in Yalova

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Commercial properties in Yalova, Turkey


In addition to villas and apartments in Yalova, the city also features a diverse real estate market. You can find many commercial properties in Yalova that, through investment, can yield substantial returns and significant financial profits. Especially since the city is a destination for investors and prominent businesspeople seeking real estate in Yalova, Turkey, investing in commercial properties is an unparalleled golden opportunity.


Rental Rates in Yalova


Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in demand for rentals in Yalova, prompting many investors to buy and lease properties to gain a stable monthly income that grows with the rising demand.

Here's a brief overview of rental prices in Yalova through the following table:

Area (Square Meters)

Monthly Rent (USD)










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Yalova is approximately 175 kilometers away from Istanbul.

The Turkish city of Yalova is approximately 68 kilometers away from the enchanting city of Bursa.

Sapanca is approximately 105 kilometers away from Yalova, Turkey.

Yalova is approximately an hour and a quarter away from Istanbul by sea ferries.

Yalova is witnessing rapid development in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. The city offers numerous modern real estate projects that provide high-quality residential and commercial units. Property prices in Yalova remain relatively reasonable compared to other cities in Turkey like Istanbul and Ankara, attracting investors and enhancing potential financial returns. Another significant aspect boosting real estate investment attractiveness in Yalova is its proximity to Sabiha Gökçen International Airport and easy accessibility from major cities across Turkey. Additionally, the Turkish government provides investment incentives for foreign investors, further contributing to attracting more investments to the region. Protection Status