Mahmout Bey Area in Istanbul

 Mahmout Bey Area in Istanbul


Details about the area 



Mahmoud Bey area in Istanbul is administratively part of Bagcilar municipality. It’s home to some of the most famous shopping malls, health institutions, schools, and universities. Plus, it’s close to the Basin Express road, which is the commercial nerve of European Istanbul.

The residential projects in the area are built in the latest style and the finest architectural designs. They are equipped with all social facilities, providing all means of entertainment and comfort for its residents.


Most Important projects in Mahmoud Bey 


Here are some of the key projects in the Mahmoud Bey area:


D-165 Complex in Istanbul:



Located in Bagcilar within the European section of Istanbul, this project consists of two buildings with a total of 80 properties. Currently, it offers property options ranging from 2+1 to 3+1, with areas starting from 102 m2 up to 144 m2. The delivery date is November 1, 2023, with a payment plan of 60% down payment and the rest in installments over 6 months.



D-080 Complex:


This project is located in Bagcilar, just 5 minutes away from the Basin Express road. It consists of 3 residential buildings with a total of 605 apartments. The project is distinguished by its proximity to Mahmoud Bey metro station and the Mall of Istanbul and Mall 212. The delivery date is June 1, 2025, with a payment plan of 50% down payment and the rest in installments over 24 months.



D-267 Complex in Istanbul:


This project consists of two residential buildings with a total of 80 apartments, in addition to several surrounding commercial shops. The project is close to the Mall of Istanbul and Mall 212 is only 5 minutes away. The delivery date is December 2023, with a payment plan of 60% down payment and the rest in installments over 6 months.



Complex 230 in Istanbul:


This project contains 6 residential towers with a total of 586 apartments, in addition to many commercial shops. It is located near the central Krazli station and extends over green spaces with stunning views. You can reach Taksim and the city center in just 20 minutes. The delivery date is September 2024, with a payment plan of 50% down payment and the rest in installments over 12 months.


These projects make the Mahmoud Bey area a great investment opportunity, especially with the Turkish government’s significant interest in the area, as evident from the major development that has affected its infrastructure, in addition to its proximity to the most important water canal project in Istanbul.


Most importat locations and malls in Mahmout Bey 


Mahmoud Bey is a region in Istanbul that is strategically located and is not far from the city center. It’s about 16 km from the Fatih area, approximately 23 km from Taksim Square, and 8.7 km from the Basaksehir area. The new Istanbul airport is about 35 km away.

Mahmoud Bey is close to many famous shopping malls, such as the Mall of Istanbul, which is located in the neighboring Basaksehir area, just 4.7 km away. Another popular mall among tourists is the Outlet 212 Mall, which is only 2.3 km away from Mahmoud Bey.

The region is home to several private and public hospitals and clinics that offer services in various medical specialties. Some of the most famous hospitals in the area include:

  1. Bagcilar Government Hospital
  2. Medlife Private Hospital
  3. Atlas University Hospital
  4. Shafaq Private Hospital


Transportations in Mahmout Bey area 


In terms of transportation and proximity to important places, Mahmoud Bey intersects with two of the most important metros connecting the European regions of Istanbul. One of them is the M7 metro, which consists of 17 stations and connects Mahmoud Bey with Majidiye Koy. Today, the Istanbul municipality is working on expanding the M7 metro line and connecting it to the Besiktas area.

This line passes through strategic areas such as Ayub Sultan and Ghazi Osman Pasha, and many other vital areas and commercial complexes. It’s only a 32-minute journey from the start of the line to the end. This line is important because it connects with a large number of other metro and tram lines, such as the line leading to the Eminonu area from the Ali Bey Koy station.

Today, it has become easy for residents of Mahmoud Bey to reach the new Istanbul airport by taking the M7 metro, getting off at the Kagithane station, and taking the M11 metro, which goes directly to the heart of the new airport.

The second metro line connects between Kirazli and Kia Shahir. The extension of the metro line has been expanded and opened to reach the areas of Basaksehir city. From the Kirazli station, another metro, M1B, departs, which connects the area to the Yeni Kapi station and reaches Ataturk Airport.

Some of the most important roads that pass through it are the Basın Express road, known as the most vibrant commercial road, the 80E highway, and the E 5 highway, which is considered the artery of Istanbul city. Protection Status