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Properties for Sale in Halkali

Properties for Sale in Halkali


Why Halkali is a Great Place to Live or Invest in Istanbul?

Are you looking for a fantastic place to live or invest in Istanbul? If so, you might want to consider Halkali, one of the city’s fastest-growing and newest areas. In this article, we’ll explore some reasons why Halkali is a distinctive choice for both residents and investors.

Prime Location: Halkali is located in the northern part of Kucukcekmece, a central area on the European side of Istanbul. Halkali boasts easy access to the city’s main highways, such as E5, E80, and O-7, connecting it to other regions and the new airport. It’s also near Lake Kucukcekmece, which will be the entrance to the new Istanbul Canal, a massive project that will change the region’s maritime transport map.

Property Diversity: Halkali offers a variety of properties, from luxurious apartments to spacious villas, at reasonable prices and flexible payment plans. Properties in Halkali feature modern designs and state-of-the-art facilities, such as swimming pools, gyms, gardens, and playgrounds. They also offer fantastic views of the lake, city, or forest.

Quality of Life: Halkali provides its residents with a high quality of life, combining nature and modernity. Halkali offers a quiet and clean environment, away from noise and congestion. It also has many social services and facilities, such as schools, hospitals, malls, restaurants, and cafes. Whether you’re looking for comfort, entertainment, shopping, or education, you’ll find what you need in Halkali.


Apartments for Sale in Halkali Area


D266 Complex Project:

The project was established on a land area of 1,000,000M2, 1 km away from the Marmaray metro station. It consists of 7 stages, the apartments available in the first three stages have been completely sold. Sales are available in the fourth stage, which consists of four residential buildings within one integrated services complex. The available apartment models are 2+3/1+4/1+1 with very wide areas.


D102 Complex Project:

The project sprawls over an area of 9800 m2 and contains 156 apartments with family models only, 56 apartments with a 2+1 system, 48 apartments with a 3+1 system, and 52 apartments with a 4+1 system. The project has the largest net interior spaces among all projects in the area for apartments. 6500 m2 is the green area in the project and includes family sessions, water bodies, and green spaces for walking and running. Prices start from 485,000 US dollars for a 2+1 apartment. Payment method: Cash.



Tourist Landmarks and Shopping Centers in Halkali Area


Tourist Landmarks:

Halkali area contains many important landmarks of Istanbul city, such as:

Halkali Mosque: It is a historic and beautiful mosque, dating back to the Ottoman era, characterized by its single minaret, blue dome, and artistic inscriptions.

Halkali Museum: It is a cultural and educational museum, displaying a collection of artifacts, documents, pictures, clothes, and tools related to the history and civilization of the Halkali area and Istanbul.

Halkali Park: It is a public park and recreational area, famous for its natural scenery, trees, flowers, and fountains. The park offers many activities and services for visitors, such as amusement parks, cafes, restaurants, and a summer theater.



Halkali area enjoys the presence of many good and suitable hotels, which meet the needs and budgets of different tourists. Among these hotels, we mention:

Halkali Park Hotel: It is a four-star hotel, located in the heart of the area, providing comfortable and well-equipped rooms and suites. The hotel also includes a restaurant, bar, fitness center, swimming pool, meeting and conference halls.

Halkali Premier Hotel: It is a three-star hotel, located near the Marmaray station, providing practical and suitable rooms and suites for travelers for work or leisure. The hotel also includes a restaurant, bar, fitness center, and parking.

Halkali Palace Hotel: It is a two-star hotel, located a short distance from Halkali Mosque, providing simple and economical rooms and suites. The hotel also includes a restaurant, bar, and wireless internet service.



Shopping Centers in Halkali Area

Halkali area is characterized by the availability of several large and diverse shopping centers, offering a range of brands, products, and services, such as:

Mall of Istanbul: It is a huge commercial and entertainment mall, housing more than 300 shops, restaurants, and cafes, in addition to a cinema, amusement park, and mosque. The mall is distinguished by its unique architectural design and panoramic view of the city.

212 Istanbul Outlet: It is a medium-sized commercial and entertainment mall, offering a range of international and local brands at discounted prices, in addition to restaurants, cafes, a cinema, an amusement park, and a mosque. The mall is distinguished by its elegant and comfortable interior design.

Kuyumcukent Jewelry Mall: It is a small commercial and entertainment mall, offering a range of jewelry, watches, and accessories from various brands, in addition to restaurants, cafes, a cinema, an amusement park, and a mosque. The mall is distinguished by its luxurious and sophisticated interior design.


Transportation in Halkali Area

M9 Metro Line:

M9 is a metro line that connects Ekitelli neighborhood with Atakoy area passing through Basin Express area. This line consists of 12 stations and extends for a distance of 13.4 km. This line aims to facilitate access to the industrial, commercial, and residential areas in these areas and alleviate traffic congestion.


M11 Metro Line:

M11 is a metro line that connects Halkali Marmaray station with the new airport. This line consists of 9 stations and extends for a distance of 37.5 km. This line aims to provide a fast and comfortable transportation service between the airport and the city center, and encourage tourism and investment in this area.


M7 Metro Line:

M7 is a metro line that connects Mahmoud Bey metro station with Esenyurt area passing through Halkali. This line consists of 18 stations and extends for a distance of 24.5 km. This line aims to improve public, social, and cultural services in this area, and promote economic and urban growth in it.


Real Estate and Apartments in Halkali


Residential Real Estate:

Atasehir area houses the majority of residential complexes and towering buildings on the Asian side of Istanbul. You can choose to own an apartment in a regular building, a tower, or a complex. You can also find luxurious apartments like penthouse apartments in towers or complexes. Apartments in Atasehir are characterized by their modern, comfortable designs and wonderful views of the sea, lake, or city. Apartment prices in Atasehir range between 100,000 dollars and 1,000,000 dollars, depending on the location, area, and facilities.


Commercial Real Estate:

Atasehir area has a wide range of commercial real estate options, whether they are apartments, offices, or shops for sale or rent, in addition to many other options for shops located in the streets. Commercial properties in Atasehir are distinguished by their excellent location, high quality, and integrated facilities. The area also houses an important business and work center, which is the International Finance Center, making it one of the largest financial centers in Istanbul. Commercial property prices in Atasehir range between 150,000 dollars and 2,000,000 dollars, depending on the type, location, area, and return.


Real Estate Investment in Halkali Area:

Halkali area is one of the most desirable areas in Istanbul, as it houses the International Finance Center, many skyscrapers, luxurious real estate projects, commercial centers, and international hotels. Atasehir area is witnessing growth in demand for real estate by local and foreign investors, which raises its real estate value and increases profit and return opportunities. Atasehir area provides many advantages for investors, such as:

Its strategic location near bridges, airports, and public transportation. Its real estate, economic, social, and cultural diversity. Its urban development, infrastructure, and public services.


The Halkalı area is a modern and upscale area that provides its residents with all necessary services and facilities, including transportation, education, healthcare, shopping, and entertainment. It also enjoys a strategic location close to bridges, airports, financial centers, and commercial hubs.

You can find a variety of real estate options in the Ataşehir area, both residential and commercial. You can choose from apartments, suites, villas, and penthouses in regular buildings, towers, or complexes. Additionally, you can invest in offices, shops, and stores either on the streets or within malls.

What are the real estate prices in the Halkalı area? The prices of real estate in the Halkalı area range from $100,000 to $2,000,000, depending on the type, location, size, and facilities. The properties in the Ataşehir area are considered an excellent investment opportunity, given the increasing demand and the added value they provide.

Some of the prominent landmarks and projects in the Halkalı area include: 1. **Marmara Park Shopping Mall:** A large shopping mall offering various retail stores, dining options, and entertainment facilities. 2. **Basın Ekspres Road:** A major business and finance district, hosting numerous commercial and residential projects. 3. **Atakent Olympic Park:** A vast park with recreational areas, walking paths, and sports facilities. 4. **Halkalı-Kirazlı Metro Line:** An essential transportation link connecting Halkalı to other parts of Istanbul. 5. **Mega Kent Hospital:** A leading healthcare facility providing medical services to the residents. 6. **Mall of Istanbul:** One of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes in the city. 7. **Halkalı Housing Projects:** Various residential complexes and developments offering modern living spaces. These landmarks contribute to making Halkalı a dynamic and attractive area for both residents and investors.

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