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Turkish Company "Tor" and Saudi Ministry of Investment Seal Promising Collaboration!

In a significant move to enhance economic ties between Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Turkish conglomerate "Tor" has signed a collaboration agreement with the Saudi Ministry of Investment.



Turkish-Saudi Investment Forum: Istanbul Witnesses the Signature

This noteworthy step took place during the Turkish-Saudi Investment Forum held in Istanbul last Friday, in close cooperation between the Investment Office of the Turkish Presidency and the Council of Foreign Economic Relations.


Agreement Details: High-Level Collaboration for Mutual Benefit

According to the statement from the Turkish "Tor," the agreement reflects a high-level collaboration between the company and the Saudi Ministry. Mustafa Torun, the Executive Council President of the holding company, affirmed that this move will play a significant role in strengthening economic ties between the two countries.



Supporting Mutual Interests: Ground for Projects and Initiatives

Torun added that this agreement goes beyond enhancing Turkish-Saudi relations; it also establishes the necessary groundwork for implementing projects and initiatives that serve mutual interests.


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Opportunity for Investment in Vision 2030

Expressing his delight and welcoming the engagement under the agreement, Torun highlighted the importance of participating in Saudi projects aligned with Vision 2030. He emphasized the significance of being part of these ambitious initiatives.

This step aims to bolster economic cooperation between the two nations, opening new doors for investment and trade exchange. It is expected to have a positive impact on the economic landscape in the coming period.

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