latest updates about the Turkey economey situation 2023

latest updates about the Turkey economey situation 2023



Foreign Minister Mohammed Shemshik reassures the public


The latest updates on the Turkish financial market in 2023 have been quite reassuring, as shared by the Turkish Minister of Treasury and Finance, Mohammed Shemshik, during his participation in the Gulf-Turkish Economic Forum in Istanbul.

Shemshik emphasized a significant improvement in the risk premium indicator, dropping to less than 400 basis points. This development is seen as a positive sign, reflecting growing investor confidence and boosting positive financial prospects.


In other discussions, Shemshik shed light on Turkey's advanced industrial capabilities, highlighting the diversity of its production and its strategic role as a vital gateway to European and Central Asian markets.


Addressing the audience, Shemshik underscored Turkey's importance as a prime destination for investments, emphasizing the economic reform priorities and the crucial need for financial stability. He presented a comprehensive plan involving inflation reduction and a targeted return to specific rate levels in the coming period.


As the economic program concludes, Turkey is earnestly working towards achieving financial balance and reducing budget deficits to levels in line with European standards. Shemshik reiterated Turkey's attractiveness to investors due to its outstanding infrastructure and strategic location.


The decline in the risk premium indicator in Turkey is highlighted as a promising investment opportunity, with Shemshik pointing out the expected benefits of future cooperation between Turkey and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in enhancing trade and economic stability.

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In conclusion, these developments paint an optimistic picture for Turkey's economic future, and the ongoing efforts indicate a commitment to financial stability and growth. Protection Status