Turkey Advances in Real Estate Investment

Turkey Advances in Real Estate Investment

Turkey is making strides in the field of real estate investment. Burak Dağlıoğlu, the head of the Investment Office of the Turkish Presidency, announced that Turkey has risen to fourth place in Europe through the international investment projects it attracted last year.


Turkey Progresses in International Investment

According to the report on the countries most attractive for direct international investment in Europe for 2023, which will be published by the auditing and consulting firm (EY), Turkey has continued to achieve growth in direct international investments in Europe over the past year.


Turkey Leads in Industrial Investments

Dağlıoğlu pointed out that Turkey has become the leading country in attracting industrial investments in a region covering Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Turkey has attracted 21.7 percent of industrial investments over the past ten years.


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Turkey: An Attractive Investment Destination

Dağlıoğlu confirmed that Turkey has become a prominent destination for investors thanks to its strategic location and strong investment environment. He added that the direct international investment that Turkey attracted in 2023, amounting to 10.6 billion dollars, is the clearest indicator of this success.

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