Istanbul International Airport Tops the List of European Airports

Istanbul International Airport Tops the List of European Airports

Superiority of Istanbul International Airport

In 2023, Istanbul International Airport once again proved its worthiness of its position at the top of European airports. The airport recorded an average of 1375 daily flights, a figure that reflects the significant activity the airport experiences.

The Annual Report of “Eurocontrol”

According to the annual report issued by the European Organization for Air Navigation Safety “Eurocontrol”, Istanbul Airport has maintained its position at the top for the second year in a row.

Increase in the Number of Flights

Compared to the previous year, the airport saw a 19 percent increase in 2023, recording 1375 daily flights.

Record Number of Daily Flights

On June 22, Istanbul Airport set a record for the number of daily flights with 1684 flights.


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Ranking of Other European Airports

Meanwhile, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport came in second place with an average of 1255 daily flights, followed by Heathrow London with 1251 flights, then Paris Charles de Gaulle with 1247 flights, and finally Frankfurt Airport with 1179 flights. Protection Status