Increase in Air Travel in Istanbul in 2023

Increase in Air Travel in Istanbul in 2023

Utilization of Istanbul Airports

In 2023, more than 113 million passengers used Istanbul’s airports during their incoming and outgoing journeys. This figure includes passengers who used the airports for domestic travel and international flights.

Increase in Airport Usage in Turkey

According to information obtained by the Anadolu Agency from the Directorate of Airport Operations in Turkey (DHMİ), Istanbul’s airports saw a 19 percent increase in passenger usage last year compared to 2022.

 Distribution of Flights Among Airports in Turkey

Among the passengers, 18 million and 22 thousand and 61 passengers used Istanbul International Airport for domestic travel, while the number of passengers who used the same airport for international flights was 58 million and 214 thousand and 919.

As for Sabiha Gokcen Airport, located in the Asian part of Istanbul, 17 million and 661 thousand and 416 passengers used the airport for domestic travel, and in international flights, the number of passengers was 19 million and 268 thousand and 589.


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Increase in the Number of Airplane Flights

Istanbul’s airports also saw a 13 percent increase in the number of airplane flights last year compared to the number of flights organized in 2022. Protection Status