Buying plots in Turkey for Turkish Nationality 2024

Buying plots in Turkey for Turkish Nationality 



Changes in Turkish Citizenship Requirements: What's New?

A recent presidential decision was published yesterday in the official Turkish newspaper, dated December 11, 2023. The decision aims to modify the executive regulations related to the implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law.


Exemption for Agricultural and Construction Lands:

The amendment, issued by the Turkish president, specifies the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. According to the modification, agricultural and construction lands are exempted from properties that foreigners can purchase to obtain Turkish citizenship.


Investment Requirements:

Under the new amendment, the investor's property must have construction status to qualify for Turkish citizenship, in addition to a value requirement of at least $400,000.


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Impact on Unbuilt Lands:

Consequently, with this amendment, foreign citizens will no longer be able to apply for Turkish citizenship by purchasing unbuilt lands, whether for construction or agriculture.

This legislative step reflects Turkey's commitment to clearly defining citizenship acquisition conditions, providing support for the developed real estate sector.


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Legislative Development:

These amendments showcase the interactive nature and major developments in the field of migration and investment in Turkey, emphasizing the government's commitment to ensuring sustainable and effective development in this sector.


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