Jordanian Property Investment in Turkey

Jordanian Property Investment in Turkey - DamasGroup Real Estate




Jordanians are among the nationalities that can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate with a value not less than $400,000, as stated in the real estate appraisal report from a Turkish individual or Turkish company owner. The owner is not allowed to sell the property before the expiration of 3 years.

1) Due to the strong diplomatic relations between Turkey and Jordan, Jordanians can enter Turkish territory today and obtain permission for 90 days without the need to apply for a visa before traveling. 2) Cultural and social closeness between the two countries. 3) Tax exemptions. 4) Benefit from the advantages of free education and the availability of many Arabic schools. 5) Political and economic stability, as well as lower living costs compared to European countries. 6) Turkey's infrastructure development and the launch of numerous large projects that contribute to increasing property values in neighboring areas, thereby multiplying the capital of the Jordanian investor. 7) The advantage of obtaining Turkish real estate residency or citizenship. 8) Turkey's global tourism reputation and its proximity to the Hashemite Kingdom. These factors and others have made Jordanian investment in Turkey a secure idea for capital preservation and development.

The law allows Jordanian investors to own various types of residential properties in Turkey, including apartments, independent houses, villas, commercial offices, companies, and agricultural lands, whether for investment purposes or for residence and settlement in Turkey. Protection Status