Inflation Rates for 2023 and Expert Opinions

Inflation Rates for 2023 and Expert Opinions


Inflation is on the rise

economic experts are expecting a significant increase in October. It's projected to be around 4.08% on a monthly basis. This noticeable jump in the inflation rate reflects the substantial economic challenges the country is currently facing.


Economic Pressures Mounting

Estimates indicate that the annual inflation rate will reach a record high at 62.36%. This points to growing economic pressures and an increased cost of living for citizens.


Diverse Expert Predictions

An economic expectations survey was conducted, involving 15 economic experts who shared their expectations regarding the inflation data for October. Their predictions varied significantly, ranging from a low estimate of 3.60% to a high estimate of 4.50%. This diversity in predictions underscores the complexity of the current economic situation and the difficulty of foreseeing inflation trends.


Impact on the Real Estate Market

To delve deeper into the effects of inflation on the real estate market, we've dedicated a separate article. You can find it here.


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