Foreign Real Estate Sales in Turkey During 2023

Foreign Real Estate Sales in Turkey During 2023


Hello, have you heard about the recent news in the Turkish real estate market? There was a decline in foreign real estate sales last year.

 Real Estate Sales in Turkry

In 2023, we saw a decrease of 48.1% in foreign real estate sales compared to 2022. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, the share of foreign real estate sales was 2.9%, equivalent to 35,005 properties.

Most Sales in Turkish States

Antalya was at the forefront of Turkish states in terms of foreign real estate sales, with sales reaching 12,702 properties, followed by Istanbul with 11,229, and Mersin with 3,016 properties.

Nationalities Buying the Most Real Estate

The Russians were at the forefront with the purchase of 10,560 properties, followed by the Iranians with 4,272, and then the Iraqis with 1,917.

Total Real Estate Sales

As for the total real estate sales in the country, they decreased by 17.5% in 2023 compared to 2022, reaching 1,225,926. Protection Status