How to Acquire a Turkish Citizenship

After the recent investment law , it is no longer difficult to obtain a Turkish citizenship by foreigners .

All you have to do is to meet the conditions stipulated by the investment law , and you will get it within a short period .

According to the law published in the Official journal on September 19 , with the permission of the Council of Minister's authorization, foreigners can obtain the Turkish citizenship in many ways mentioned in detail .

 Here , in this article , we will shed light on everything related to how to obtain a Turkish citizenship in Turkey , whether through investment in Turkey or through other methods available in accordance with the previous laws . Also , we will mention all the conditions and required documents .

How to obtain a Turkish citizenship through Investment

On Sept. 19/2018 , Turkey has announced a legislative amendment in the country's citizenship law , which reduces the amount limits for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship . Several ways are presented to get Turkish citizenship :

  1. Multiple investment methods

Four types of investment methods for foreigners to obtain a Turkish citizenship , including ;

  • Cash Deposit : The deposit requirement to acquire Turkish citizenship is worth a minimum of $500.000 in Turkish banks , as well as the funds can be withdrawn after three years only .
  • Shares Purchase : Investing in a Turkish company with a minimum of $500.000 as a fixed capital .
  • Create Jobs : Generating jobs for 50 Turkish people by opining a foreign company .
  • Government Bonds : Investing in government bonds with a minimum of $500.000 .

Once you have invested in Turkey , firstly it will enable you to apply for a residence permit in the country , then you will have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship , which requires a certain period in which the governmental authorities can make sure of the validity of the investment made by the foreigner, beside some important procedures and documents . 

  1. Real Estate Purchase

According to the regulations for real estate purchase, foreigners who own or seek to own real estates with a minimum of $400.000 in Turkey , without selling them for three years of the purchase day, they have a right to apply for Turkish citizenship . 

The new investment law has contributed significantly to increase the real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey, Turkey is one of the most important developing countries that have been famous for high growth rates during the past two decades , which encourages many foreign communities, such as the Arab community to settle in just by buying a property in Turkey , especially Istanbul , which is so famous of luxury real estates, attractive nature and ancient history .

To obtain a Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate , there are a few procedures you should know :

Step 1: At the beginning, you must apply for a certificate of conformity at the General Administration of Real Estate Registration, which takes 10 days approximately to get it , by providing the following documents :

  1. The property Tabu (Title Deed) or the contract of sale: the value of the property registered is not less than ($ 400,000) , undertaking to not sell it for three years .
  2. Bank Transfer Receipt: After transferring the money of the property to the bank, the buyer gets and signs the Transfer Receipt which is required for obtaining the certificate of conformity .
  3. The real estate evaluation report which is taken from the Tapu office .
  4. A notarized and translated copy of the passport .
  5. Getting the tax number from the tax department of Turkey .
  6. A copy of the power of attorney .
  7. 2 biometric photos .

Step 2: Before applying for the Turkish citizenship, you must first apply for an investor residence permit at the Immigration and Passports Department , which takes about 45 days .

  1. Certificate of conformity of the property which matches the conditions of the Turkish citizenship Law .
  2. Application form for the investor residence permit .
  3. A valid passport and a notarized and translated passport copy.
  4. A Valid health insurance .
  5. 4 personal biometric photos .

Step 3: applying for the Turkish citizenship at the General Souls Department , which takes about 45 days .

  1. Naturalization related to the duration of residence

If you get a continuous residence permit for at least 5 years , in addition to be a fluent Turkish speaker , you can apply for Turkish citizenship .

  1. Marriage

If you are married a Turkish citizen for a minimum of 3 years, taking into account of your good conduct corresponding to Turkish society, and with respect to the Turkish law and national security, you can apply for Turkish citizenship directly.

Turkish citizenship advantages

Turkey is one of the developed countries that many communities seek to obtain its citizenship , enjoying the advantages which are associated with:

  1. Foreigners with Turkish citizenship can travel to 77 countries around the world without visa .
  2. Turkey has a good currency with a high purchasing power , beside the low cost of living , which means that the Turkish citizen enjoys good welfare, compared to many other countries.
  3. Family members, your spouse and children under 18 age can also obtain the Turkish citizenship after you get it .
  4. Turkey has a free education system with high quality , thus obtaining the Turkish citizenship enables you and your family to enjoy the benefits of the education system in Turkey .
  5. The Turkish passport is one of the top 30 passports in the world , which means that it is possible to obtain a visa to many European countries easily

How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship?

To apply for Turkish citizenship , you should provide all the eligibility requirements as follow ;

  • Have a valid passport .
  • Four Passport-size photos .
  • Application form .
  • Civil status document .
  • Passports of all family members (mother and children under 18)
  • Family statement
  • Birth certificate for all family members
  • You must pay the tax of application and bring the receipt with you.
  • You should have a valid touristic visa or residence permit .
  • A certificate of conformity.
  • Good conduct certificate .

Once you invest in Turkey through buying a property , or deposit money in Turkish banks , or even any form of investment stipulated by the Turkish investment law, you make a crucial step that will open the door of settling in a country with a high welfare and charming beauty for you and your family . Protection Status