Significant Increase in the Number of Foreigns in Turkey 2023


Significant Increase in the Number of Foreigns in Turkey 2023


Amazing increase this year 


What an incredible boost this year! At the International Tourism Expo in Ankara, Turkey's Vice President, Jodat Yilmaz, spilled the beans on some exciting news. He proudly announced a staggering surge in the number of foreign visitors to Turkey over the past two decades, reaching a whopping 3.4 times increase!

And boy, did he have some jaw-dropping stats to share with the audience. Yilmaz confirmed that the total number of visitors to Turkey skyrocketed by 71% in 2022 compared to the previous year, hitting a remarkable 51.4 million people. But it's not just about the numbers; he highlighted that tourists flock to Turkey for the joy of culture, the beauty of nature, the allure of history, indulgence in health and wellness, not to mention the attractions of both summer and winter tourism, conferences, and environmental exploration.

In another exciting development mentioned by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mohammed Nouri Ersawi, Turkey has made a remarkable mark on the global stage. The country raked in an impressive $46.5 billion in revenue in 2022, securing the fourth spot worldwide in terms of visitor numbers. He also pointed out significant progress in medical tourism, with 337,000 foreign patients spending 2.3 million nights in Turkish healthcare facilities.

No doubt, Turkey shines with its charm and diversity, and the world is relishing everything it has to offer!


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