Investment Cities in Turkey | Maslak City in Istanbul (Complete Guide)

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Investment Cities in Turkey | Maslak City in Istanbul (Complete Guide)


Maslak is considered one of the most luxurious commercial and residential areas in Istanbul. With its thriving economic institutions, large shopping centers, and luxurious residential units, it has particularly caught the attention of those looking to invest, including those interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship. Maslak in Istanbul offers various amenities, which we will describe in this article.


Area Information


Maslak is located in the Sariyer district on the European side of Istanbul. This neighborhood features excellent commercial complexes that have boosted trade in the area. For example, the Istanbul Valley Shopping Center, located in Maslak, is one of the best shopping centers in Turkey. Many global and Turkish luxury brands have branches in this mall.

The center also offers great convenience for residents, with features such as cinemas, play and entertainment centers for children, cafes, and restaurants featuring the best Turkish and international brands. Additionally, there is a monorail station that easily connects shoppers and visitors of the shopping center to the Istanbul Metro M2 line for free.

In addition to its thriving commercial scene, Maslak offers excellent amenities such as top-tier international and Turkish schools, excellent urban facilities, healthcare and treatment centers, 5-star hotels, and more, creating a high-quality lifestyle for its residents.



Key Projects in the Maslak Area


Project 42 Maslak:

This is a mixed-use project located in the Maslak area of Istanbul. The project consists of two towers, each with 42 floors, totaling 442 residential units, and 14 penthouse apartments. It also includes a 10-story business hotel and a business center/office space spanning 44,000 square meters, complete with clubs and social facilities. It offers options for offices, home offices, and residences, designed using advanced technology to enhance functional performance and comfort in living and working spaces.


DAP Yeni Levent Project:

Highly sought after for those looking to combine urban comfort in Istanbul with a healthy and natural lifestyle, DAP Yeni Levent project offers excellent investment opportunities and a range of housing options, including 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 apartments to meet the diverse needs and preferences of potential real estate buyers in Istanbul. The project features a fantastic green space of 85% of the total area, covering approximately 103,000 square meters. It includes 40 shops and 16 residential blocks with 1,050 apartments for sale.


Skyland Towers:

The Skyland Istanbul project is one of the most famous and reputable contractors in Turkey, located in the Sarantepe neighborhood, next to Turk Telekom Stadium, home to Galatasaray Turkish football team. The project is a mixed-use development featuring commercial and residential units, including a hotel, shopping center, residences, offices, and various commercial stores to meet a wide range of needs.


Transportation and Proximity to Key Locations


One of the attractions of Maslak in Istanbul is the easy access to both cars and public transportation within the neighborhood. Additionally, you can quickly travel to central Istanbul via the metro network. In general, access to public transportation such as the metro and buses in Istanbul is a highly valuable feature, and this neighborhood is among the best in terms of easy access to different parts of Istanbul due to its new public transportation system.


Real Estate and Apartments in Maslak


Considering that Maslak is a modern, newly developed area, most of its projects consist of modern and elegant properties, especially those within residential complexes. Modern architecture has made the design of elegant residential complexes in Maslak possible, offering various types of units from small one-bedroom apartments to large five-bedroom apartments or penthouses with views of the Belgrade Forest.

The modern residential complexes in Maslak have provided a luxurious lifestyle for their residents, equipped with all necessary features for contemporary living, such as extensive green landscapes, not only shops and restaurants within the complex but also large shopping centers that have subway stations inside them, high-quality construction with smart home systems, 24/7 security, and more.

Regarding property prices in the Maslak area, housing prices for sale increased by 9.31% last month in August 2023. The average price per square meter for residential properties in Maslak is 73,723 Turkish Lira, which is approximately $2,700 US dollars.

Moreover, there are numerous social facilities available, including gyms, swimming pools, training centers, including basketball and volleyball courts. You can also find a monorail station, making it easy for both residents and visitors of the shopping center to access the Istanbul metro M2 line for free.

Commercial properties are also available in Maslak, such as shops and offices. These commercial units not only provide good returns on investments but also appreciate significantly in value due to the high demand and rapid development of the Maslak area. Maslak is considered the new commercial center on the European side of Istanbul, and demand for offices and commercial stores is increasing significantly every day.


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