Facilities and Features

The project contains two blocks; a residential block and the other will be home-office system units, therefore, the person who invests in this project will be able to use this unit as an office and an apartment at the same time.
The project has(228) apartment, the apartments’ type is (1+1) - (2+1). These two types are the most preferred types for investors in Turkey because their renting and reselling process is the fastest in the future.
The project total area is (13.600 m2).
The project has (28) commercial shops of its own, providing all the project residents’ needs without the need to go to any area outside the project.
Fitness Court.
Closed and open cars parks.
Earthquake-resistant buildings.
The compound has its own private security around the clock.

Restaurants & Cafe
Fitness Facility
Reception Hall
24/7 Security guard
Surveillance Cameras
Earthquake Resistant Building
Indoor car Park
outdoor car Park
Meeting Rooms

Location and Strategic Importance

The developer company for this project is one of the most important companies operating in Istanbul.

This construction company works on a selected set of points, which provide the highest percentage of profits to its customers through real estate investment. It has projects all over Istanbul, including projects with high investment value due to their location like, a project overlooking the Lake of Küçükçekmece, which will be the entrance to the New Istanbul Canal.

Furthermore, the developing-construction company is not only limited to the construction work, it is crucial to know that i

Payment method and price details

Payment plan: Cash

Rooms Area (m2) Price Notes
1 + 1 60 7.651.200 450.000 438.100 376.300 1.689.100 656.657.700 1.652.900 138.200 173.200 1.130.638.600 1.638.400 169.700 319.000 65.970.800 112.612.700 Home Office.Sold
2 + 1 103 9.334.500 549.000 534.500 459.100 2.060.700 801.122.300 2.016.500 168.700 211.400 1.379.379.100 1.998.900 207.000 389.200 80.484.400 137.387.500 Apartments
2 + 1 105 11.221.800 660.000 642.600 551.900 2.477.300 963.097.900 2.424.200 202.700 254.100 1.658.269.900 2.403.100 248.800 467.900 96.757.200 165.165.200 Apartments
Updated Date : 22-06-2022
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