Properties and Apartments for Sale in Antalya

Antalya, a captivating Turkish destination, appeals to foreigners for diverse reasons. Some seek homes for extended stays, while others invest for gains. Tourists visit to explore its renowned sites. Discover the charm of Antalya for living, investing, and leisure.
In this article, Damas Group Real Estate editorial team will provide insights into various aspects of this city, covering real estate and tourism sectors. Follow along.
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Key Information about Antalya


Antalya is a beautiful coastal city located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey. It's one of the most important tourist destinations in the country due to its stunning natural landscapes and rich history.
The city stands out with its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, making it a top choice for sun and sea enthusiasts.
It has lots to see, and its pleasant weather all year round makes it a great place for tourists, even in winter.

Population of Antalya

Population in 2020: 2,548,308
City Area: 20,599 square kilometers
As of 2023, the population has increased by 2.6% to reach 2,668,004 individuals. The married population in the city is 61%.


Location of Antalya


Antalya enjoys a unique geographical location on the Mediterranean coast with breathtaking views. It's located in southwestern Turkey and it's connected to the north with the city of Izmir. In a brief definition, it is one of the important tourist provinces of Turkey.
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Weather Conditions in Antalya


Whether you're a tourist, an investor, or otherwise, it's important to know the weather conditions in the place you're heading toYet, there's no need to worry about this aspect in Antalya because it is a coastal city and, so, features moderate temperatures throughout the yearYou'll always find the sun embracing the city, and don't forget that the Taurus Mountains protect it from cold winds.


Apartment Prices in Antalya


A wide range of people interested in Antalya are aiming for real estate investment and buying apartments. This is the best option to achieve high returns due to the higher demand compared to other options. This particularly contributes to a noticeable and continuous increase in prices.
Consult the table below for an overview of apartment prices in the city:
The prices of properties for sale in Antalya have risen by 5.25% in the past month in the real estate market. The average price per square meter for residential properties in Antalya is 24,368 Turkish Liras.
Please remember: Apartment and villa prices vary based on size, interiors, amenities, views, and building location.

Property Type Price in Turkish Lira Price in US Dollars Price in Saudi Riyals Price in Euros
1+1 Residential Apt From 425,000 to 4 million From $16,600 to $148,000 From SAR 62,000 to SAR 555,000 From €15,000 to €134,000
2+1 Residential Apt From 740,000 to 6 million From $27,300 to $222,000 From SAR 102,000 to SAR 832,500 From €24,800 to €201,500
3+1 Residential Apt From 1,070,000 to 7 million From $395,000 to $258,000 From SAR 1,484,700 to SAR 972,000 From €36,000 to €235,000
Villa From 1,200,000 to 8 million From $44,300 to $296,000 From SAR 166,000 to SAR 1,110,000 From €40,300 to €268,700
The number of sales in Antalya for the year 2022 was 80,459 transactions, with 7,306 licensed projects approved by the government.


Is it easy to find Apartments for Sale in Antalya?


With lots of people, tourists, and investors wanting to be in Antalya, you might believe that getting an apartment, whether to buy or rent, could be hard. . But, the opposite is true. There are dozens of residential projects under construction and planning, with some about to deliver soonIf you're new to this and looking for an apartment in Antalya, you can get help from real estate pros at Damas Groupe Real Estate. They can save you time and effort while finding what fits your goals.
Contact us to get the best real estate offers.


Do Property Prices in Turkey Fluctuate with Tourist Seasons?


Yes, especially during peak times, presenting a golden opportunity for real estate investors. They can rent out their properties or apartments and earn a good return. This is particularly true if the apartment was intended for tourist rental and is close to famous tourist attractions.
In this case, the investor should ensure:
Proximity to famous places and tourist attractions.
Careful selection of the size, avoiding it being too large or too small.
Attractive and encouraging interior specifications and finishes.
Not demanding unrealistic prices that are unaffordable.
Furnished condition.
Proximity to transportation, malls, schools, and hospitals.
Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or if there's anything else you'd like to know. Contact us here


How to Find Apartments for Sale in Antalya?


Follow the steps below to learn about the available methods for finding apartments for sale in Antalya easily:
1. Dealing with a Specialized Real Estate Company:
A trustworthy real estate firm can give you a list of the best deals and options without you needing to waste time and effort looking in the wrong places. This way, you can find the apartment of your dreams.
Additionally, the company can arrange field tours for you to visit the available options in personDuring these tours, all your questions will be answered, and any unclear details should explainedIt's significance to partner with an experienced professional who can provide you with an understanding of the real estate market's situation in the upcoming events.
2. Determine Your Budget:
To save time and avoid searching for apartments or properties that are beyond your budget, start by going with your financial limits. This will help you narrow down your search to the right places.
3. Prepare the Required Documents:
Ensure you have the necessary documents ready, including:
- Property valuation document, providing the actual property value without any falsification. Get this document from companies licensed by the Turkish government.
- Earthquake insurance document, offering protection in case of natural disasters.
- Tax identification number, which can get from the nearest tax office.


Affordable Apartment Prices in Antalya:


Is it possible to find inexpensive apartments for sale or rent in Antalya? Certainlydespite the ongoing developments and tourist attractions, there are still opportunities to find suitable offers at reasonable prices. You can consider the following methods:
- Search in areas farther from the beach.
- Avoid high-end amenities.
- Take advantage of the right timing, such as when the apartment owner is in a hurry to sell.
- Contact the specialized team at Damas Group, where they will leverage their expertise to provide suitable properties and apartments, assist with ownership procedures, and handle legal details.
Recommended Areas to Search for Apartments in Antalya:

1. Muratpaşa Area:

- Central and essential area in the city.
- A popular choice among tourists.
- Vibrant with numerous facilities and services.
- Well-connected with an extensive transportation network.
- Features attractions like Düden Waterfalls, the old town, and Lara Beach.

2. Konyaaltı Area:

- Located in the center of Antalya.
- Boasts a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea.
Just 20 meters away from Antalya Airport.
- Known for tourism and excursions.
- Suitable for living, stability, and investment.
- Hosts many large residential and investment projects.

3. Belek Area:

- Only 40 km away from the city center.
- Particularly attracts foreign tourists.
- Given the high tourist demand, it could be a focal point for tourist investment.

4. Kepez Area:

- Second-largest area in terms of size.
- Gained much attention from the Turkish government.
- There are many new real estate projects available, perfect for initiating investment ventures & high Return of Investment (R.O.I).


Villas Investment in Antalya


Villas in Antalya are a lucrative investment option with a high likelihood of success. While their prices might be higher than apartments, they offer higher returns. The diversity of villas in Antalya has attracted investors, as they can be rented out, especially during tourist seasons. Proximity to the sea, beaches, historical and architectural sites can increase their demand.
The costs of purchasing villas in the city are distinct and present exceptional opportunities.
Prices depending on factors like where it's situated, size of the unit, the view of the unit, inside and outside details fit out, modern conveniences, and how close it is to service facilities.
Note: Demand is particularly high from large tourist groups looking for extended stays. Even with higher rental rates, villas are more cheap than hotels.


Commercial Properties for Sale in Antalya:


Many investors turn to commercial properties for investment in Antalya instead of apartments. Commercial properties offer higher profits given the increasing population, as mentioned earlier. How can you profit from investing in commercial properties in Antalya? Here are some notes:


Choose a strategic location with high foot traffic.
Select a location near similar shops.
Close to public transportation and main roads.
Should be in a building with an elevator.
Nearby parking and ATMs facilitate customer access.

Are Commercial Properties or Apartments Better in Antalya?

Commercial properties offer higher returns.
Apartments have high demand, especially during tourist seasons.
Apartments can find tenants faster than commercial properties.
Apartments can sometimes sold faster than commercial properties.


Rental Market in Antalya:


Recently, there has been a significant increase in demand for rentals in Antalya, prompting many investors to buy properties for rental income. The following table provides an overview of rental prices in Antalya:


Area: 60 sq. m, Monthly Rent: $470
Area: 100 sq. m, Monthly Rent: $600
Area: 125 sq. m, Monthly Rent: $1000
Area: 170 sq. m, Monthly Rent: $1400
This does indeed mean that it is a suitable time to consider buying properties and apartments in AntalyaThe coming periods expected to witness a significant increase in property prices in that city. This is a perfect
chance to buy when prices are reasonable and think about selling or renting when they go up.
In conclusion, Damas Group Real Estate is always by your side for an exceptional journey in the real estate sector in Antalya and beyondFeel free to request information about the available options that align with your goalsYou can also inquire with our previous clients to ensure that your steps with us are guaranteed to yield results.
We're excited to offer you plenty of advice, visits to the location, services after the sale, and complete res


This name dates back to the time of a Roman king named Attalus, who reportedly ordered soldiers to search for a beautiful and marvelous place to be named

It is very affordable, as the cost of tourism per person per month is around $370, which is about 45% less than what you would have to pay in Arab countries.

To travel from the first city to the second by plane takes around one hour and fifteen minutes, and the distance between the two cities is approximately 463 kilometers. However, if you choose to go by train, the journey will be longer and could take up to 17 hours.

Yes, real estate investment in Antalya is considered profitable. It's one of Turkey's major tourist cities, highly popular among foreign tourists, attracting a significant number of visitors annually. This indicates a high demand for properties in the region, creating good investment opportunities. Antalya is also rapidly developing its infrastructure and services, further enhancing its investment appeal. Foreign investors in Antalya enjoy certain tax and legal advantages. However, it's important to study the real estate market, analyze the expected returns, and assess potential risks before making an investment decision.

The return on investment in Antalya is considered high. The city has witnessed significant growth in tourism and real estate investment in recent years. Antalya is one of Turkey's major tourist areas, with increasing demand for properties and hotels. Alongside tourism, Antalya is also an important industrial and active commercial hub. Given this ongoing growth, investing in Antalya can be profitable with good returns. Of course, the actual return on investment depends on factors such as the type of property or project, its location, investment period, and economic expectations. Therefore, conducting thorough research before making an investment decision is crucial.

• The city center of Antalya is one of the best investment areas, offering numerous commercial and tourist opportunities. • Lara is an upscale coastal area in Antalya, renowned for its luxury hotels and beautiful beaches. Real estate investments here are highly profitable. • Konyaaltı, located to the west of the city center, provides a diverse range of real estate and tourist opportunities, including beautiful beaches and parks.