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Kadikoy: A Blend of History and Modernity

Kadikoy, located in Istanbul, is a former Greek colony and one of the oldest settlements in the city. It’s a vibrant area in the Asian part of Istanbul, home to Greeks, Armenians, and Turks. With its colorful streets and historical landmarks, Kadikoy is a top choice for foreign tourists.

Why Buy Property in Kadikoy?

The real estate in Kadikoy offers unique features not found in other parts of Istanbul. The area is known for its historical and touristic character, abundance of archaeological, artistic, and entertainment landmarks, and strong transportation network. All these make Kadikoy an excellent choice for those looking to invest in Turkey.

Property Prices in Kadikoy

Property prices in Kadikoy are noticeably higher compared to other areas in Istanbul. The price per square meter ranges from 9500 Turkish Lira to over 15000 Turkish Lira. The area’s stunning views and charming scenery give the prices a reasonable balance. Like all areas of Istanbul, Kadikoy has also seen a significant increase in prices over the past few years, making it a suitable opportunity for both investment and residence.

Public Facilities and Tourist and Historical Landmarks in Kadikoy

Many tourists coming to Istanbul believe that the European part of the city is the most vibrant and the right place to visit and explore. However, Kadikoy, also known as the cultural center of the Asian side of Istanbul, is definitely worth a visit. You’ll find a wonderful and vibrant experience spread in its atmosphere from the residents and those wandering in its parts, most of whom belong to the young generation full of energy and vitality.

The history of the area dates back to the Copper Age, i.e., 5500-3500 BC, according to the artifacts, stones, bones, and jewelry found in the Fikirtepe area. Thus, as historians believe, Kadikoy is the oldest colony in Central Asia. The Ottomans quickly annexed it, and it was placed under the jurisdiction of Istanbul courts. Gradually, it became a central market for agricultural goods, which helped transform it into a residential area that people choose to live and work in.

The residents of the area at that time were a model of the Ottoman Constantinople mixture known at that time. As we said earlier, it was inhabited at that time by everyone from Armenians, Greeks, Turks, and other races as well. Therefore, it is not surprising to find many Greek, Armenian, Serbian, Catholic, Protestant churches, and even Jewish temples, which stand side by side with the old Ottoman mosques and modern Turkish ones.

On the Asian side, when Uskudar forms the socially committed part and reflects the traditional popular character of Istanbul, Kadikoy tends to be more vibrant and closer to European culture and customs. This can be known from its streets, cafes, libraries, theaters, and landmarks. For this reason, foreigners mostly prefer to live there. It is very natural to hear foreign languages, especially English, while wandering in the area, unlike Uskudar.

All these factors make Kadikoy a prime location for real estate investment and living, offering a blend of history, modernity, and a vibrant lifestyle. Whether you’re a foreign investor or a local resident, Kadikoy has something to offer everyone.

Haydarpasa Station

Haydarpasa Train Station is a distinctive and perhaps the most famous historical landmark in Kadikoy. The first trip to Baghdad was launched from here in 1908, two years after Sultan Abdul Hamid II laid the foundation stone for the station. The station then formed the beginning of the railway line connecting Istanbul and Baghdad, passing through Damascus, Jerusalem, and Medina. The station was named in honor of Haydar Pasha, one of the most famous leaders of the Ottoman Sultan Selim III, in appreciation of his loyalty and dedication.

Baghdad Street

Baghdad Street is one of Istanbul’s famous streets, frequented by tourists and residents for entertainment and shopping. Its extension reaches 14 km. The most important feature of the street is that it parallels the coasts of the Sea of Marmara, providing stunning views, along with places for walking, entertainment, and various restaurants. It is one of the most important streets in the Kadikoy area in Istanbul because it contains global brands and distinctive comfort and service facilities.

Umbrella Street

Umbrella Street is located within a popular neighborhood in the Kadikoy area where commercial shops, cafes, and diverse restaurants line up. The idea was invented to protect pedestrians from the sun through colorful balloons. Therefore, this street is also known locally as Balloon Street Kadikoy Istanbul or Balloon Kadikoy Istanbul.

Water Garden

The Water Garden Center is one of the leading shopping centers in Kadikoy, which provides both shopping and entertainment pleasure through a huge building that includes a huge number of specialty stores selling all personal necessities and home needs and containing all famous brands, in addition to entertainment places, wonderful restaurants, and distinctive cafes.

Tepe Nautilus Mall

Tepe Nautilus Mall was opened in 2001. It is a shopping center located in the Acibadem neighborhood within Kadikoy in Istanbul and includes approximately 130 famous brands. It also includes 8 cinema screens for the latest modern technologies, in addition to bowling and entertainment halls, in addition to wonderful restaurants and cafes.

Bostanci Luna Park

Bostanci Luna Park is one of the best places in Istanbul for families since

Toy Museum

The Toy Museum is located in the Goztepe neighborhood within the Kadikoy area. It houses about 10,000 different toys brought from all over the world. The museum is one of the places that children love because there is nothing they love more than wandering among the toys. Adults also find some toys that will bring back wonderful memories of their childhood.

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is one of the favorite tourist places for children in Kadikoy, due to what the park includes from playgrounds and beautiful sculptures, in addition to the vast green spaces and wonderful trees, jogging and walking spaces, and also paths dedicated to cycling. This gives psychological comfort to those looking for beautiful places, and also gives vitality to those looking for activity and energy.

Moda Area

It is a charming coastal area affiliated with the Kadikoy area, which is characterized by a wonderful view of the Bosphorus Strait, and includes countless activities that visitors can practice. The most prominent of these activities is visiting Moda Street, which includes many historical buildings, practicing the hobby of fishing, in addition to visiting one of the distinguished parks spread along the coastline and many other activities, which distinguishes it for living in Turkey.

Kadikoy Market

The market bears the name of the Kadikoy area, and it includes more than 2000 diverse stores, which means a great opportunity to shop among the many diverse products of distinctive quality and good prices. The most important thing you can get through the Kadikoy market is clothes, textiles, food products, and cooking tools, in addition to many other distinctive opportunities.

Public Transportation in Kadikoy Area

The Kadikoy area contains a tramway station and a metro station that connects it with the rest of the Asian section, and it also contains a large station for government buses in addition to the presence of a metrobus station near it to connect it with the European section, not to mention the sea transport lines from Kadikoy and to Eminonu, Karakoy, Kabatas, and Besiktas in the European section as well.

The area is located between Istanbul’s new airport in the European section and Sabiha Airport in the Asian section.



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