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Villas for sale in Bursa

Villas for Sale in Bursa


Bursa, located in northwest Turkey, offers a charming view of the Sea of Marmara, which separates it from Istanbul. To the south, it is bordered by the famous Uludağ Mountain. The history of Bursa dates back to many ancient civilizations and empires, giving it a prestigious place and a rich and diverse heritage. It covers an area of 11,000 km2 and has a population of approximately 3 million people.

Today, Bursa is witnessing a construction boom and a renaissance in various aspects of life, economy, and investment, influenced by the comprehensive renaissance that Turkey is witnessing in general. This provides investors with a fantastic investment opportunity.

Turkey today is the first country in the region to achieve safe investment and preserve capital, especially through investment in its real estate, due to its strong economy and political stability.


Projects in the Bursa Region

At Damas Group Real Estate, we have a solid base of properties for sale in Bursa, Turkey, and many distinctive projects, most notably the villa complexes located on the Mudanya beach. We are always pleased to offer our diverse options that meet all investors’ tastes when you contact us.


D-321 Complex in Bursa:


  • Location: Mudanya
  • Delivery Time: Ready
  • Property Type: Villas
  • Payment Method: Cash
  • Distance from City Center: 27 km
  • Distance from Airport: 90 km

The project is a luxury villa with a stunning view. The complex contains only 8 villas with a 1+3 two-story or three-story system, and each villa has a private jacuzzi, sauna, and cinema. The land area is 1375 m2, of which 500 m2 are green spaces. It is located on the southern coast of the Sea of Marmara, near Mudanya Beach, and is 10 minutes away from the marina.


Villa Prices in the Bursa Region

The prices of villas in Bursa, Turkey, vary according to the location and proximity to the city center or the beach and owning a sea view or other different locations. The following table illustrates an example of villa prices in Bursa, Turkey, according to the regions:

  • Odenizk Region: Starting from TL 4,735,000 / USD 173,000
  • Gemlik Region: Starting from TL 4,735,000 / USD 173,000
  • Bursa City: Starting from TL 6,836,000 / USD 231,000
  • Uludağ Region: Starting from TL 3,400,000 / USD 115,000

Advantages of Buying Villas in Bursa

Bursa city has gained significant popularity at the present time compared to a previous time when interest in its real estate was concentrated among Middle Eastern countries. Today, its popularity has reached foreign and European countries who aspire today to own Bursa real estate. This unique city with its natural and historical beauty and the center of the Ottoman capital with its architectural and architectural monuments witnessing its great history, making it an ideal destination for living and investing. You are able to invest and rent your property all year round, so buying a villa in Bursa is a good investment opportunity as it is one of the active cities in tourism all year round.

Real estate investment in Bursa is guaranteed due to the increasing demand for it. The prices of villas in Bursa are reasonable, and its real estate market is active and diverse and offers a lot of options, in addition to the bright future expected for this wonderful city.

Bursa state owns advanced infrastructure in addition to the latest projects in the field of transportation, education, health care, and restaurants. This makes buying a villa or property in Bursa carry many benefits for its buyers in the long term.

Many families may resort to buying a villa in Bursa and converting it into a commercial business for all family members, such as converting it into a café or a tourist restaurant that gives a comfortable feeling to its visitors amidst sea and natural views and nice family atmosphere.


Rentals in Bursa


Many families visit Bursa throughout the year during long tourist seasons, whether in summer or winter. They prefer to spend their vacations in villas rather than staying in hotels, which can be expensive and pose a financial burden. Instead, a family can rent a spacious villa that gives them more comfort to spend time with their families, in addition to enjoying privacy and stability in a large space amidst varied poetic views.

Owning a villa for annual rent in Bursa is a profitable investment project and one of the most successful fields of real estate investment. Bursa combines all the elements of investment with its beautiful nature, beaches, healthy air, and luxurious villas with their classic artistic touches. These villas are equipped with the latest modern and sophisticated equipment, offering a luxurious life to their residents.

Bursa includes a group of historical villas inspired by its ancient heritage, making them look like sultans’ palaces, exciting with their luxury and sophistication of their designs.

You are capable of investing and renting your property throughout the year. Buying a villa in Bursa is a good investment opportunity as it is one of the most active cities in tourism throughout the year. You can enjoy all kinds of entertainment even in winter thanks to Uludağ Mountain and the winter resort. In summer, the beach resorts attract many tourists looking for suitable atmospheres in summer, especially because of its wonderful summer weather. The temperature remains at acceptable levels that do not exceed thirty degrees Celsius, and the humidity does not exceed the natural rates in summer.

Transportation in Bursa

Bursa city enjoys an advanced and diverse transportation system that meets the needs of residents and visitors. Here is an overview of transportation in Bursa:

Buses and Minibuses

Buses and minibuses form a major public transportation system in Bursa, covering a wide network of areas. There are bus lines that cover the city and its suburbs, making it easy to reach the best places.


The subway in Bursa is a convenient and fast way to travel in the city. The main subway line extends from the city center to various areas, facilitating transfers between different neighborhoods.

Cable Car

The cable car system in Bursa is a unique way to travel between mountainous areas, such as Uludağ Mountain, and urban areas. It’s a wonderful experience and provides stunning views of the city.

Taxi and Private Transportation

A large number of taxis are available on the streets of Bursa and are a common means of transportation. In addition, you can also rent private cars like Uber.

Roads and Road Network

Bursa has a good network of highways, making it easy to travel by car between different areas in the city and beyond.

Transportation in Bursa is diverse and meets the needs of residents and visitors, making travel within the city comfortable and easy.




Villas for sale are available in areas such as Uludag, Gemlik, and Oudinisek, in addition to the central areas of Bursa. Prices and specifications vary from one area to another.

The stock market enjoys great popularity as a destination for real estate investment due to its natural and historical beauty, and its ancient renown as the center of the Ottoman capital with its architectural and engineering landmarks bearing witness to its great history. It is one of the active tourist cities throughout the year, thanks to its moderate summer climate, attractive beaches, and the availability of all kinds of entertainment in winter on Mount Uludağ and its winter resorts, making it an ideal destination for living and investment.

Prices vary from one area to another, ranging between $115,000 and $231,000. You can find more details in the article.

There are several ways to travel from Bursa to Istanbul: 1. **By Car:** You can drive via the E881 and E80 roads. The distance between Bursa and Istanbul is approximately 154.948 kilometers, and the journey takes about an hour and a half. 2. **By Ferry:** You can take a ferry from Yenikapi Port in Istanbul. The trip takes about two hours to reach Guzelyali Port in Bursa via the Fast Ferry or ship. Afterward, you can reach the city center of Bursa by dolmus or yellow buses in about 30 minutes. 3. **By Bus:** You can travel from Istanbul to Bursa by bus, and the journey takes around 4.5 hours.

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