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apartments for sale in sisli Istanbul 2024

Apartments for sale in Sisli, Istanbul:

Işli is located on the European side of Istanbul, bordered on the north by Sarıyer and on the south by Beyoğlu, and overlooks Beşiktaş from the east, and Eyüp from the west and is one of the most prestigious areas in which it lives. The rich class of Turkish society. It is also considered an important commercial center for many offices and commercial companies. Its area is about (35 km2), while its population is estimated at about (274,289) people.

Why buy the property in Sisli

One of the most important reasons for buying a property in the Sisli area is its distinguished commercial location in the middle of Istanbul, where it is filled with many offices, shops and banks, as it overlooks the skyscrapers and commercial buildings located in Mecidiyeköy and Levent. Gayrettepe.

In addition, there are many high-end marketing centers, the most important of which is Cevahir Istanbul, which is one of the largest malls in the world, not to mention that it is a tourist destination for many local and foreign tourists around the world.

Prices of apartments for sale in Sisli, Istanbul:

The apartments in the Sisli area are distinguished by their luxury and high prices, as the average price of apartments in them is about (528,800) liras, while the price per square meter in them varies about (3.162-11,333) liras, and investment in them is a unique opportunity because of the capital gains and remunerative returns. Thanks to it being an important business center on the one hand, and the importance of its strategic location in the middle of Istanbul on the other hand.

Prices for commercial offices in Sisli:

Sisli is one of the most preferred areas for investors and businessmen, which was reflected in the prices of commercial real estate in a great way, as prices in it have witnessed a significant growth in the last five years. Since 2014, their prices have increased by more than 75%, bringing the average price of the commercial office to an average area. (140 square meters), including no less than (1,231,000) Turkish liras, meaning that the price per square meter amounted to about (8,795) lira.

Public facilities in Sisli:

According to the importance of Sisli as an important commercial center, and as it is considered one of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul, the municipality of Sisli has made great efforts in developing its public facilities and improving the quality of its various services, from health and social services to its recreational facilities and parks. Sisli is characterized by its health facilities such as medical centers, health clinics and hospitals that provide all their services for free, among the most important of those hospitals belonging to the government sector, Ok Maidan Hospital (Okmeydanı Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi), not to mention the private hospitals that are located in the region, the most important of which is a hospital Memorial Şişli Hospital and Osmanoglu Hastanesi Hospital.

As for cultural facilities, Sisli is distinguished by many cultural centers spread in most of its neighborhoods, and among the most important of these facilities is the Cemil Candaş Kent Kültür Merkezi Center, which consists of several galleries dedicated to exhibitions, and there is a theater and a cinema. In addition, there is also the Derviş Eröğlu Kültür Merkezi)), which includes a large hall that can accommodate more than a thousand people, in which the Eid is held for activities, such as conferences and cultural lectures.

Işli is famous for its many public parks, including Maçka Democracy Park and Yaşar Kemal Park, with large green areas suitable for family sessions, not to mention places for entertainment and children's games, as well as walking paths and places for fitness.

Finally, there are several sports centers surrounding the Sisli area, the most important of which are the Feriköy Mahallesi Spor Merkezi and Fulya Mahallesi Spor Merkezi, where they carry out many activities and sports courses, such as swimming, bodybuilding and other sports.

Public transportation in Sisli:

Işli is an important vital transportation point due to the main transportation lines that pass through it, the most important of which is the metrobus line that connects Sisli with the Asian side, in addition to many important areas on the European side.

In addition, there is a metro line called Haji Osman - Hacıosman Metro Hattı that connects it to many vital centers, such as Taksim Square and Yenikapı, which is an important transportation point from which several metro lines (M1A & M1B) start. , Marmaray).

Universities and schools in Sisli:

Sisli is surrounded by many well-known universities, the most important of which are Marmara University, Istanbul Bilgi University, and Bahçeşehir University. Its universities contain various university specializations, from medicine, engineering, and natural sciences to economics, administration, arts and other important disciplines. Most universities rely on internationally accredited curricula in Turkish and English.

With regard to schools in Sisli, in every neighborhood there are several schools for different levels of education, which provide educational services for free. There are also many international schools that adopt international educational curricula in the English language, and the most famous of these schools are Pangaltı Mkhitaryan School and Nişantaşı Schools.

Shopping centers in Sisli:

Sisli is an important shopping center, as there are many famous shopping centers in or near it, which are visited not only by local residents, but also by foreign tourists around the world. One of the most important of those malls that enjoys great popularity is Cevahir Mall, as it is one of the largest malls in the world, with an area of ​​about (62475 square meters), while it was estimated

Distinctive historical landmarks in Sisli:

There are several archaeological landmarks that characterize the Sisli region, the most important of which is the Istanbul Military Museum, which contains old military equipment and machinery dating back to the First World War and the era of the Ottoman and Byzantine Empire, in addition to that, there is the Atatürk Museum, which houses the property. Character of Ataturk, the first founder of the Turkish Republic. As for historical places, there is the Ihlamur Palace, a palace belonging to the Ottoman Empire, built during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid I, in addition to the Freedom Monument (Hürriyet Anıtı), which is a monument built in honor of the soldiers who were killed defending the Ottoman Parliament.

Apartments for sale in Sisli in installments:

Sisli is one of the most prestigious and commercial areas of Istanbul in the city, due to the large number of five-star hotels and shopping centers, in addition to the wonderful museums, churches and mosques scattered throughout the region. Living in Sisli is truly a unique and wonderful experience. Here are the best attractions in Sisli:

Cevahir Mall in Istanbul

Ataturk Museum

Ahlamur Palace

Tshwiqia Mosque

Military Museum in Istanbul

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

Macka Park

Maçka Gallery of Modern Art

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