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Zeytinburnu: A Blend of History and Modernity


Zeytinburnu is a stunning coastal district in Istanbul that beautifully marries history with modernity, culture, and commerce. Nestled on the European side of Istanbul, along the shores of the Sea of Marmara, Zeytinburnu lies just outside the ancient city walls, near the historic Yedikule Fortress. It’s a practical area bustling with factories, shops, and business centers, particularly known for its textile and leather industries. Zeytinburnu is also rich in cultural and touristic landmarks, including mosques, churches, museums, theaters, parks, and squares.


Zeytinburnu’s Deep-Rooted History

The area’s history dates back to the Byzantine era, known then as Kyklobion or Strongylon, meaning ‘round fortress.’ This fortress was part of a chain guarding the coastal road to Constantinople and witnessed Arab attacks on the city in the 7th and 8th centuries. It was also the detention site of Saint Hilarion, an iconophile symbol, in the 8th century. After the fall of Constantinople in the 15th century, the Greeks transferred the name Kyklobion to Yedikule Fortress, leaving the original site. The remnants of the round fortress were visible until the 19th century, observed by the Austrian traveler Hammer-Purgstall.


Zeytinburnu’s Transformation

In the 20th century, Zeytinburnu underwent a significant transformation from a rural area to an industrial and commercial hub. It welcomed migrants from across Turkey and the world, enriching its cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity. In 1957, Zeytinburnu became one of Istanbul’s administrative districts and municipalities. Recently, it has seen urban and infrastructural development, with luxurious modern residential complexes built along the seaside, offering stunning views of the Sea of Marmara and the city. Public transportation in Zeytinburnu has also improved, with metro, metrobüs, tram, and highway stations connecting all parts of Istanbul and the new airport.

Zeytinburnu is an ideal spot for real estate investors looking for a central location with sea views, advanced and stylish construction, and some of the best cityscapes. Properties here are enticing in terms of price, quality, and amenities. Experts predict that property prices in Zeytinburnu will rise in the near future, reaching the level of Istanbul’s most sought-after neighborhoods like Ataköy and Florya.


Key Projects in Zeytinburnu

مشاريع زيتون بورنو


D-110 Project

This project consists of 17 buildings with 560 apartments in various models, either residences or home offices, sprawling over 111,000 square meters. It ranges from 1+1 to 5+1 apartment models. The project includes 57 commercial shops set to be a luxurious market, planned within the historic buildings (formerly belonging to the Ottoman army), surrounded by the project’s modern structures, and will feature restaurants, cafes, and both Turkish and international brands of food and clothing.

Prices for a 2+1 apartment start at $753,000.


Istanbul 142 Complex

Located in the Zeytinburnu area of European Istanbul, this project is built on a land area of 3,791 square meters and consists of 2 buildings with a total of 167 units. Currently, options range from 1+1 to 2+1, with sizes starting from 45 m² up to 156 m².

Prices start at $195,000 for a 1+1 apartment, with a 50% down payment and installments over 18 months.


D005 Complex

The project comprises two phases containing commercial shops that provide the essentials for residents. Separated by a street, the first phase includes three residential blocks of 11 stories, while the second phase features two residential blocks, one with 12 stories and the other with 14 stories.

The total area of the project is 15,500 m², with about 60% green spaces including gardens, walking paths, and recreational areas, plus an open swimming pool in each phase.

Available apartment models in the project include 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1, all with balconies. Some ground-floor models come with large gardens, potentially up to 23 square meters.


Absolutely, let’s explore the highlights of Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, and its connectivity.

Zeytinburnu’s Touristic Landmarks


المعالم السياحية زيتون بورنو


The Byzantine Walls: The Byzantine Walls are a defensive barrier built by Emperor Theodosius II in the 5th century to protect the Byzantine capital of Constantinople (now Istanbul) from invasions. Stretching 6.5 kilometers from the sea to the Golden Horn, they feature 96 towers and 11 gates. These walls are among the best-preserved Byzantine monuments globally and were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Visitors can enjoy viewing the walls, learning about their history and architecture through informative panels, and visiting the adjacent archaeological museum.

Panorama 1453 Museum: The Panorama 1453 Museum is a historical and cultural museum that displays a three-dimensional scene of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror’s capture of Constantinople in 1453. Located in Topkapı Park, it includes a circular hall 38 meters in diameter with a 2,200-meter-long panoramic painting depicting the battle in detail, complete with sounds and scents. The museum also houses historical artifacts, a library, a theater, and a café. It aims to transport visitors back to the era of conquest and revive the historical and national memory of the Turkish people.

Olivium Shopping Center: A Seaside Mall for Shopping and Entertainment Olivium is a shopping and entertainment center located on the coast of Zeytinburnu, one of Istanbul’s oldest and most famous malls. It features over 200 shops, restaurants, and cafes, plus a cinema, theater, wax museum, amusement park, and mosque. Olivium stands out with its unique architectural design that blends Ottoman and modern styles, offering stunning sea views. It’s an ideal destination for shopping, entertainment, and relaxation for the whole family.


Transportation in Zeytinburnu

The area boasts various public and rapid transit options that connect it to all parts of the city, facilitating movement for residents and visitors. Let’s highlight some of these means and the services and benefits they offer.

Metrobus: The Metrobus is a rapid bus line that runs 52 kilometers from Büyükçekmece in the west to Söğütlüçeşme in the east, passing through Zeytinburnu and other vital areas. Operating 24/7, it transports nearly 800,000 passengers daily. The Metrobus is the fastest and most affordable way to travel between the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, avoiding traffic jams and saving time and money. Zeytinburnu has two Metrobus stations: Marmaray and Muratpaşa.

Subway: The subway is an underground electric train line connecting various areas in Istanbul. It’s the most comfortable and safe travel mode, offering cozy seats, air conditioning, and audio-visual announcements. Zeytinburnu has one subway line, the M1A, connecting Yenikapı and Atatürk Airport, passing through key areas like Aksaray, Bayrampaşa, and Otogar.

Tramway: The tramway is an above-ground electric train line connecting Istanbul’s historical and touristic areas. It’s the most traditional and attractive travel mode, allowing passengers to view the city’s cultural and architectural landmarks. Zeytinburnu has one tramway line, the T1, connecting Bağcılar and Kabataş, passing through famous areas like Sultanahmet, Eminönü, and Karaköy.

Sea Metro and Ferries: The Sea Metro and ferries are two marine transport lines connecting Istanbul’s European and Asian sides and nearby cities like Bursa and Yalova. They’re the most thrilling and enjoyable travel modes, offering passengers a chance to enjoy the city’s natural and marine scenery. Zeytinburnu has a seaport offering Sea Metro and ferry services, located in the Kazlıçeşme district.


Real estate and apartments in Zeytinburnu

Old Properties: Affordable Housing or Rental Options

Old properties in Zeytinburnu, which have been built more than 30 years ago, include apartments, villas, and commercial spaces. These properties are situated in well-established neighborhoods like Koşuyolu, Merter, and Kazlıçeşme. They offer lower prices compared to new properties and are conveniently located near public facilities such as schools, hospitals, and markets. Old properties can be an economical choice for both permanent residence and rental purposes. For instance, you can find a two-bedroom apartment for around 300,000 Turkish Liras (approximately 35,000 US dollars) or rent it for about 1,500 Turkish Liras (175 US dollars) per month. However, it’s essential to consider potential drawbacks like maintenance issues, outdated designs, and security concerns.

Elegant Seaside Complexes: Luxurious Living or Investment

New seaside complexes in Zeytinburnu, such as Marmara and Olivium, offer modern apartments, villas, and penthouses. These properties are located in upscale neighborhoods and boast high-quality construction and stunning sea views. The complexes provide a luxurious lifestyle with amenities like swimming pools, sports clubs, gardens, and playgrounds. Investing in these properties can be a premium choice, with two-bedroom apartments starting at around 800,000 Turkish Liras (approximately 95,000 US dollars) for purchase or 4,000 Turkish Liras (475 US dollars) per month for rent. However, potential factors to consider include high taxes, additional costs, and strong market competition.


Opportunities for Buyers and Investors in Zeytinburnu

Purchasing real estate in Zeytinburnu offers several advantages for buyers and investors, whether they seek permanent residence or additional income. Some of these opportunities include:

  1. Reasonable Prices: Both old and newly constructed properties in Zeytinburnu offer reasonable price points.
  2. Appreciation Potential: New properties with sea views tend to appreciate due to high demand and limited supply.
  3. Strategic Location: Zeytinburnu’s proximity to the airport, historical center, tourist attractions, and commercial areas adds value.
  4. Excellent Transportation: The area is well-connected by public transportation, including metrobus, subway, tram, and sea transport.
  5. Diverse Amenities: Residents can enjoy cultural and recreational facilities such as museums, malls, theaters, mosques, and parks.


Rentals in Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu is an excellent location for obtaining high rental yields, whether for short-term or long-term leases. Its proximity to historical landmarks and convenient transportation options makes it an attractive choice for renters.


Cyclobion or Strongylon

Panorama 1453 Museum

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