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Bakırköy is a historical and vibrant area located on the European side of Istanbul, along the coast of the Sea of Marmara. It stands out for its strategic location near the city center and its well-developed and diverse public transportation network. Bakırköy is considered one of the finest areas in Istanbul, suitable for both tourism and real estate investment. The region offers various properties and apartments for residential and investment purposes, featuring splendid sea views and modern infrastructure.


Key Projects in Bakırköy


عقارات للبيع في بكركوي


Project Istanbul D245

This project consists of 10 buildings with a total of 239 residential apartments covering an area of 62,300 square meters. The apartments come in various layouts, from 2+1 to 5+1. The project includes a mosque and children’s pools. Prices start at $700,000 USD for a 1+1 apartment, with cash payment options.


Project Istanbul D010

This project is conveniently located near the metro and metrobus stations, as well as several private and government universities in the Bakırköy area. It comprises four residential buildings with a total of 72 apartments, including 1+2, 1+1, and 1+2 duplex units. Prices start at $352,000 USD for a 2+1 apartment, with a 50% down payment and the remaining balance payable over 15 months.


Project Istanbul D185

This complex consists of eight residential towers, each 20 stories high, housing 1,401 luxurious residence apartments. Most of the buildings offer direct sea views, thanks to their design that maximizes sightlines to the sea and the internal garden. The project also includes a five-star hotel with 200 rooms. The land area of the project is 127,600 square meters, with a 1,200-meter-long seafront promenade. Amenities include indoor pools, a Turkish bath, saunas, steam rooms, a spa, yoga studios, fitness centers, sports courts, a green indoor park, children’s play areas, and walking paths along the seafront. There are also taxi services, airport transfers, 24-hour medical assistance, parking facilities, earthquake-resistant buildings, and round-the-clock security. Prices start at $931,000 USD for a 1+1 apartment, with a 40% down payment and the remaining balance payable over 60 months.


Tourist Attractions and Malls in Bakırköy


أهم المعالم السياحية والمولات في منطقة بكركوي


Bakırköy, situated along the coast of the Sea of Marmara on the European side of Istanbul, boasts a strategic location and a variety of tourist attractions to suit all interests. Let’s explore some of the highlights:

Tourist Attractions in Bakırköy


  1. Istanbul Aquarium: One of the largest aquariums globally, it houses over 1,500 marine species. Visitors of all ages can enjoy an educational and fascinating experience.

  2. Aviation Museum: Discover the history of aviation in Turkey and the world. The museum features a collection of airplanes, helicopters, and military equipment, along with interactive and documentary exhibits.

  3. Botanic Garden: With more than 2,000 plant species and flowers, this botanical garden offers vast green spaces, dinosaur sculptures, playgrounds, restaurants, and cafes.


Top Hotels in Bakırköy

Bakırköy hosts luxurious and comfortable hotels catering to both tourists and residents. These hotels provide high-quality services and stunning views of either the sea or the city. Here are some notable options:

  1. Titanic Port Bakırköy: A five-star hotel near Carousel and Capacity shopping centers. It offers a comprehensive wellness center, free Wi-Fi, spacious modern rooms, and suites.

  2. JW Marriott Hotel Istanbul Bakırköy: Located just 13 km from the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, this five-star hotel features an outdoor seasonal pool, free parking, a fitness center, a spa, a restaurant, and a bar.

  3. CIQ Hotel: A four-star hotel approximately 10 km from the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It provides city-view rooms with free Wi-Fi, a shared lounge, a terrace, and a bar.


Popular Malls in Bakırköy

Bakırköy is a significant shopping destination in Istanbul, offering various malls and retail stores with global and local brands. Here are some notable malls:

  1. Capacity Mall: One of Istanbul’s largest malls, featuring over 200 shops, restaurants, a cinema, bowling, ice skating, and electronic gaming facilities.

  2. Carousel Mall: Adjacent to Capacity Mall, it houses more than 100 shops, restaurants, a cinema, bowling, ice skating, and electronic gaming options.

  3. Atlas Mall: A modern and sophisticated mall with over 80 stores, a 3D cinema, a theater, a library, and an art gallery.


Transportation in Bakırköy


Bakırköy enjoys a prime location along the Sea of Marmara coast and is well-connected to various parts of Istanbul through modern, fast, and convenient transportation options:

  • Marmaray Metro: Connects the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, passing through Bakırköy with five stations (Florya, Yeşilköy, Yeşilyurt, Ataköy, Bakırköy). It offers regular and efficient trips.

  • Metrobus: A rapid bus line running along the E5 highway, connecting the European and Asian sides. It passes through Bakırköy (including the Avcılar station) and provides economical and comfortable transportation.

  • Public Buses: Large buses operate on various routes and streets in Istanbul. They connect Bakırköy to central areas like Taksim and Mecidiyeköy, offering diverse and convenient routes.

  • Dolmuş (Shared Taxis): Small yellow taxis operate throughout Istanbul, providing personalized and metered transportation.


Real Estate and Apartments in Bakırköy


العقارات والشقق في منطقة بكركوي


The real estate market in Bakırköy offers a diverse range of properties, including apartments, houses, villas, offices, and commercial shops. Whether you’re looking for a new or older property, luxury or budget-friendly options, or sea or garden views, Bakırköy has something to offer. Let’s explore the different types of properties:

Apartments for Sale in Bakırköy

Apartments are the most common and sought-after property type in the area. You’ll find apartments in various sizes, layouts, and designs within modern residential complexes. These apartments often boast stunning sea views and easy access to public transportation.

Houses for Sale in Bakırköy

Houses provide comfort, privacy, and spacious living. Whether you’re looking for a cozy home or a larger villa, Bakırköy offers a variety of options. Houses come with private gardens and garages, perfect for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle.

Villas for Sale in Bakırköy

For the ultimate luxury, consider villas in Bakırköy. These high-end properties are available in prime locations along the coast or in rural settings. Villas offer breathtaking views and serene natural surroundings.

Offices for Sale in Bakırköy

Investors looking for commercial opportunities can explore office spaces in Bakırköy. These offices are available in different sizes and shapes within modern and well-equipped commercial buildings. They are strategically located near vital centers and public transportation.

Commercial Shops for Sale in Bakırköy

If you’re interested in commercial investments, Bakırköy also offers various retail shops. These shops are located in bustling streets, markets, and commercial centers, attracting both locals and tourists.


Why Is Bakırköy Attractive to Investors?

Several factors make Bakırköy an appealing investment destination:

  1. Strategic Location: Situated along the Sea of Marmara coast, Bakırköy is close to the city center, the new Istanbul Airport, and the anticipated Istanbul Canal.

  2. Diverse Transportation Options: Bakırköy benefits from various public transportation modes, including metro, metrobus, buses, ferries, and trams.

  3. Essential Facilities: The area provides essential amenities such as hospitals, universities, schools, parks, exhibitions, and shopping centers.

  4. Investment Opportunities: Bakırköy offers a wide range of investment opportunities, from residential to commercial properties, catering to different needs.

  5. Unique Property Locations: Properties in Bakırköy benefit from coastal or garden views, green spaces, high quality, and potential returns.


Sea View Apartments in Bakırköy

If you dream of living in an apartment with enchanting blue sea views, Bakırköy is the ideal location. Several real estate projects offer apartments with full or partial sea views, providing tranquility, comfort, and luxury. Some notable projects include:

  1. Luxury Project with Full Sea Views: This project offers various apartment layouts (1+1, 2+1, 4+1, 5+1) with sizes ranging from 70 to 300 square meters. It features a private beach and comprehensive social facilities.

  2. Prova 34: Located along the coastal road in Bakırköy, Prova 34 includes luxurious apartments with sea and garden views (1+1, 2+1, 4+1) starting from 85 square meters. Amenities include a swimming pool, fitness club, sauna, and more.

  3. Sea Pearl Ataköy: Positioned directly on the seafront, this project offers apartments (1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1) with sizes ranging from 88 to 375 square meters. Architectural excellence and diverse social facilities enhance its appeal.

Whether you’re an investor or a resident, Bakırköy’s unique properties and prime locations make it a standout choice in Istanbul.



The best residential areas in Bakırköy are Ataköy and Florya, as they are characterized by luxury, elegance, proximity to the sea, and services.

The best real estate projects in Bakırköy are a luxury project in the Bakırköy area with full sea views, Prova 342, and Sea Pearl Ataköy, as they offer high-spec apartments with great views and comprehensive facilities.

Property prices in Bakırköy depend on several factors, such as location, size, view, facilities, and the real estate project. According to the latest statistics, the average price per square meter for apartments in Bakırköy is 12,000 Turkish Lira, which is 64% higher than the average price in Istanbul.

Real estate investment opportunities in Bakırköy are numerous and varied, as residential, commercial, financial, touristic, and service properties offer high returns, especially with the development of the area and its proximity to important future projects, such as the new Istanbul Airport, the Istanbul Canal, and the Atatürk National Park.

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