Istanbul third airport .. Turkish brand in the air transport sector

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, today October 29, 2018, with the participation of a large aggregation of leaders from several countries, inaugurates Istanbul Third Airport, which has become the largest airport in the world, in terms of space and capacity.

Today's date coincides with the anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic in 1923 where the Turkish Government had the desire to inaugurate the airport to serve as the cornerstone for the modern and competitive development of the pillars of the Turkish Republic.

Laying Foundation Stone:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan laid the cornerstone for the airport in June 2014. At the time of the ground-breaking ceremony, he indicated that the project comes as a step to support Turkish destinations that seek for more progression and development, raise investment rates and improve tourism in Turkey.

While the airport is expected to affect the classification of European airports, the airport is located in the Arnavutkoy State near the Black Sea. This suggests that real estate prices are likely to rise in areas close to the Arnavutkoy State, such as the Başakşehir and Bahçeşehir regions, and many others.

Airport Details:

According to government statistics, the total cost of the project amounted to 23 billion and 399 million euros. The airport was built according to the economic "bot" formula, which includes the establishment, operation, and then delivery to the government, so the cost of the airport on the government was zero. Accordingly, the companies responsible for the project, such as Genghis, Collin, Limac, Calimaba, will operate the airport for 25 years.

The total area of the airport is 7 thousand and 659 hectares. This makes the airport a large number of terraces, bridges and take-off lines. According to reports, the airport will contain 165 bridges to receive passengers, and a railway connecting all terminals of the airport. It also has 6 runways for landing and takeoffs and has a preview garage for 500 aircraft at the same time.

Airport and its Role in Supporting the Turkish Economy:

The airport was created to support Turkey's economic progress. The airport is expected to contribute 4.9% of Turkey's gross domestic product. This will provide financial returns of up to $ 1 billion a year.

The airport is also expected to support the trade and tourism movement and provide jobs for nearly 120,000 people.

The airport is supposed to become the most important transit point for passengers between the ancient world continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. Turkey's new airport will compete with major airports such as Frankfurt, Dubai and Heathrow, which are the most important airports in the world in terms of flights with transfer points.

The airport is expected to accommodate 150 million passengers a year and is expected to reach 200 million soon after the airport is operated. This is a normal number because the airport has a capacity of up to 500 aircraft at the same time. This is what made President Erdogan's associates and acquaintances call the project "Crazy Project" or "Century Project". This project has made Turkey take a new step towards the 10 most powerful economies around the world.

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