How to get Nationality in Turkey?

In the context of the relative political, security and economic stability of the Turkish Republic, a large number of people of Arab origin wish to move to live there and gain Turkish nationality. In this context, the question among many Arab citizens relies on how to obtain the Turkish citizenship.

Cases of Turkish citizenship:

The Turkish Citizenship Act No. 9601, issued by the Turkish Parliament, provides for the acquisition of Turkish nationality as follows:

Staying for 5 consecutive years in Turkey

  • Enjoying a unique advantage that would prompt the Turkish Government or any competent government party to issue an "extraordinary decision" for naturalization.
  • A citizen who abandoned his Turkish nationality and wanted to return to it.
  • An adult who has not been able to acquire citizenship, as a result of his parents giving up their nationality.

Residence status for 5 years:

Article 10 of the law provides that the foreigner whose status is in accordance with the conditions mentioned in Article 11 of the Nationality Law may be obtained after issuing the relevant governmental residence and the authority to approve his decision, stressing that the existence of these conditions does not mean an absolute right to acquire a foreign national.

The first cause of Article 11 states the conditions for the acquisition of citizenship after staying in Turkey for a period of 5 years as follows:

  • Declaring a document indicating the age of majority and the ability to distinguish between things.

Staying for 5 consecutive years in Turkey

  • Statement of good-conduct actions showing his desire for long-term residence in Turkey. Here, as usual, it is intended to show the establishment of a work or document showing ownership of a property of at least $ 400,000.
  • Submitting a medical report indicating that he does not constitute a threat to public health.
  • Good conduct, and not being committed to a serious issue.
  • Relative knowledge of Turkish culture.
  • Submitting a document indicating his or her ability to support himself and his family during the stay.
  • Ensuring that he does not constitute a threat to the national security of the country. This condition is fulfilled by Turkish security from the first stage through the sixth stage of applying for citizenship.

The second item of the same article indicates that the Turkish Government appreciates the above conditions as it sees fit. They may also consider the status of acceptance or rejection of dual nationality.

Principles of applying for citizenship:

The principles of applying for citizenship vary according to the situation mentioned from one governorate to another, but the practice is usually as follows:

  • Extracting a document from the Ministry of the Interior shows the residence of the foreigner in the country for 5 consecutive years. In January last year, the Turkish government approved allowing a foreigner to leave the country within the next five years for nine months. This means that a foreigner who has lived for 5 years, but spent 9 months outside the country, can apply for citizenship if there is no stay here.
  • Delivery of the residence document with the work residence or the "ownership deed" to the Department of Souls and Nationality of the province in which the applicant resides.
  • Following the directions of the Souls Department, such as going to the hospital where medical report should be extracted, or any other directions provided by the department.
  • Staying in the same address provided with the application until he gets his nationality. The Ministry of the Interior arranges a visit one or two times to ensure his residence during the valid application process.
  • Maintaining the work until the application process is completed.
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