Apartments for sale in Basin Express

Why Buy and Invest in Apartments and Real Estate in Basın Express, Istanbul?


Basın Ekspres is close to Ataturk International Airport and provides a link between the new third Istanbul Airport and the rest of Istanbul. It’s near the new Istanbul Financial Center, new metro lines and public transportation that connect the street to the rest of Istanbul’s vibrant and tourist areas. It’s also close to the World Trade Center and the CNR Expo Center. Some residential complexes in the area offer a high profit return of up to 15% annually. Basın Ekspres is a hub for four main roads in Istanbul (Coastal Road, E5, E6, Marmara Road). It’s surrounded by malls, hospitals, schools, and universities.

Basın Ekspres (Basın Ekspres) is one of the most important areas in Istanbul that has seen significant growth recently. The real estate market there has seen noticeable growth and acceleration in prices, making it one of the residential and commercial centers that attract everyone who wants to live and settle in upscale places, in addition to businessmen who want to establish successful businesses for them.

Basın Ekspres is located on the highway, also called “Basın Ekspres”, which is the road connecting the highway (TEM) and the Metrobus road (E-5). Along the road, prestigious residential and commercial real estate investments are taking place, which the municipality has prepared for investment in Istanbul, not to mention the public facilities that the government is working to accomplish, striving to provide all services to it.


Why Buy Real Estate on Basın Express Street

Basın Ekspres is one of the areas that have been carefully planned by the Greater Istanbul Municipality to be one of the most important commercial and residential centers in the European side. Basın Ekspres is distinguished by its unique location in the middle of the European side, which connects it to both the highway and the public transportation road (Metrobus), and its proximity to Istanbul International Airport, which was recently opened, has increased its importance to raise real estate prices in it, exceeding the threshold of 5000 lira per square meter.

In addition, the real estate market in the neighborhoods adjacent to Basın Ekspres Street, which are among the most important of them, Mahmutbey and 15 Temmuz and Güneşli, which belong to Bağcılar Municipality, has revived, to exceed the average real estate price in it about 400,000 lira.


Public Facilities in Basın Express


The Greater Istanbul Municipality has made great efforts and spent a huge budget to provide Basın Ekspres with upscale service facilities that are commensurate with its luxurious real estate projects of residential complexes and commercial offices. Along the Basın Ekspres highway, there are several municipalities belonging to the regions of Küçükçekmece and Bağcılar, distinguished by their public facilities that provide health, social and cultural services, not to mention their parks and public gardens spread in them.

One of these social facilities located near the Basın Ekspres area is the Halkalı Social Facilities, which belongs to the Halkalı municipality, and is characterized by its vast green spaces suitable for family outings, in addition to a jogging track that is 265 meters long, places for children’s games and rest areas that can accommodate more than 100 people, not to mention the garage that operates around the clock.

As for health facilities, there are many health centers located along the Basın Ekspres road, the most important of which is the Söğütlüçeşme Family Health Center, which belongs to the Küçükçekmece municipality, in addition to the Bahçelievler 1 Nolu Family Health Center, which is located in the Bahçelievler area.

There are also many private and public hospitals near it with various specialties, the most important of which are Acibadem University Hospital, Medicine Hospital, Erdem Hospital, and other hospitals that are distinguished by the quality of their services and the efficiency of their medical staff.

Finally, the Basın Ekspres area is surrounded by many public parks, the most important of which are the Life Park (Küçükçekmece Belediyesi Hayat Parkı) and Nazif Hafize Hançer Park, and many other parks spread along the highway.


Public Transportation in Basın Express


The Basın Ekspres area is characterized by easy access to and from most important areas in both its Asian and European sides. The connection of the highway (E80) with the Basın Express road has facilitated travel to the Asian side via the Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror Bridge.

Also, the connection of the fast Metrobus line (E-5) with the Basın Ekspres road has facilitated access via public transportation, represented by the Metrobus, to many important areas in the European section, in addition to the Asian side with its various regions and neighborhoods.

As for the highway (O-6), it also connects, and through it, you can reach the Asian side from its northern side via the Third Bridge (Yavuz Sultan Selim Köprüsü).

In addition, work is currently underway to complete the new metro line (Ataköy-Basın Ekspres-İkitelli Metro), which works to connect the Basın Ekspres area with Bakırköy, Bahçeşehir, Bağcılar, Küçükçekmece, and Başakşehir. This will allow residents living in it to travel easily and in a short time.


Universities and Schools in Basın Express 

Several prestigious private and public universities are distributed along the Basın Ekspres highway, providing all university specialties, starting with medicine and engineering of all kinds, passing through economics and management and other sciences, and ending with literature and languages. These universities are distinguished by the efficiency of their educational staff and their high-quality services, relying on the best international teaching curricula and several international languages. The most important of these universities are Istanbul Aydın University, Marmara University, Arees University, in addition to Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Istanbul Kültür University, and Altınbaş University.

As for schools, the area is surrounded by many Turkish public and private schools that follow the Turkish curriculum in education, for all educational stages, starting from the primary stage and ending with the secondary stage. The most important of these schools are Şehit Binbaşı Bedir Karabıyık School, Alaattin Keykubat Primary School, Kocasinan Primary School, not to mention 700. Yıl Osman Gazi Middle School and Halkalı Doğa Elementary School.


Why Buy Apartments for Sale in Basın Express, Istanbul?

The Basın Ekspres project area is considered the main and new economic nerve of Istanbul, which connects the two highways E80/E5, and Ataturk Airport and the new third Istanbul Airport. The project is close to the center of old Istanbul city, and the vital centers in the city, and its easy and fast connection with the most important roads in addition to its proximity to the CNR city, made it one of the most important investment options at the level of Istanbul, and the best to buy luxury apartments in Basın Ekspres, Istanbul. It’s close to Masko (the largest market for furnishings and home furniture) in Turkey. The luxurious projects that were recently established in Basın Ekspres have opened the appetite of investors to invest in the area, due to the promising future and the expected opportunities in it, as the huge projects that were introduced in Basın Ekspres attracted larger projects, which led to the development of the infrastructure in it in a noticeable way. Protection Status