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Property for Sale in Istanbul 2024

Property for Sale in Istanbul 2024


Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Turkey and is the economic capital of the country. It is a destination for tourism and investment on both the Turkish and international levels. Investors can find everything they need in Istanbul, from life essentials and investment opportunities to services on all levels and large projects. Istanbul connects the continents of Asia and Europe, where the Bosphorus Strait separates the two continents. Thousands of giant sea ships pass through this strait annually, making it one of the most important natural waterways in the world. Work is currently underway to create a new sea passage named the Istanbul Canal, which connects the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea, extending from Lake Küçükçekmece to the Black Sea near the new Istanbul Airport.

Let’s get to know the types of real estate available in Istanbul:


Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


When we talk about apartments, we are talking about a very large number of housing options. There are now more than 300 new housing projects across Istanbul, for example, but not limited to: Şişli - BaşakşehirBahçeşehirBeylikdüzüZeytinburnu, and many other areas. Some of these projects are ready, and others are under construction, which gives us a very wide range of options to search and scrutinize for the best option.

The residential projects vary in several aspects depending on the area they are located in, the services provided, and the transportation available near the project, among other things. The main factor in determining the price of the property is the location. For example, the price of a one-bedroom apartment in an area in the city center may equal the price of 4 apartments of the same area but in the western section of Istanbul, 30 kilometers from the center.

As we mentioned, the number of projects is large in Istanbul and where the project is under construction, the payment mechanism in it is comfortable. It may be in installments over 3 or 5 years after paying the down payment, which is usually 35% of the property value. There are Turkish government projects that support a long-term installment system, for a period that may reach 10 or 20 years, while the ready property has a less flexible payment plan in that the project is completely finished, and for resale options in projects ready for a few years, the payment plan in them is exclusively cash and there is no installment.

عقارات للبيع في اسطنبول 2024



Villas for Sale in Istanbul

Villas are available in Istanbul in several categories. We start with the old villas designed in the old Ottoman style, which have their own enthusiasts who seek to obtain authenticity and originality. Villas are also available in modern residential complexes, which are often located on the outskirts of the city in areas such as Beylikdüzü and Büyükçekmece, where there are villas within modern complexes complete with services and details. Finally, there are luxury villas overlooking the Bosphorus in the city center, which are highly priced due to their location and charming views that are unparalleled, attracting artists and the wealthy from all over the world.

Villas generally provide many services such as swimming pools, car garages, children’s gardens, and saunas. If the villas are within complexes, the services expand and become shared, as they contain a walking track, various playgrounds, large green spaces, cafes, restaurants, shops, gyms, protection, and surveillance cameras around the clock, where the buyer finds his complete comfort and all the services he needs in one place.


فلل للبيع في اسطنبول:



Shops for Sale in Istanbul

When we talk about shops for sale in Istanbul, we are talking about a very wide field for investment and commerce in Istanbul. The city is the largest in Turkey and its economic capital. It is the number one tourist city in Turkey and one of the first globally. The city is home to more than 15 million people, not to mention the number of tourists always present in the city throughout the year. All these reasons and others have made major investors, traders, and capitalists move their businesses and centers to Istanbul.

Shops are available in Istanbul in several types:

  • Shops within large shopping centers: Where various shops of different shapes and sizes are available within malls and large shopping centers. The investor can buy a property in Istanbul within one of the malls and then invest it himself within his field of work, which provides an excellent place for work and high earnings according to the nature of shopping centers in Istanbul as they are crowded all the time throughout the year. The investor can also buy a property within one of the malls and then rent it to one of the famous international brands available in all malls and shopping centers in Istanbul, such as restaurants like Burger King and Pizza Hut or clothing stores like Zara and Adidas and many others also like international cafes, or he can buy a property that is previously rented to one of the famous brands within a contract that extends for several years, and in both cases, the investor will get high financial returns that may reach 8% of the property value depending on its location and the brand that rented it.
  • Shops within residential complexes or small markets: Where the investor can buy a property for housing and another for work and investment in one place, most residential complexes provide shops and stores for sale within the complexes and on their outskirts, and the investor can also buy a shop here and operate it himself or hand it over to one of the famous Turkish commercial brands such as BIM, Migros, Carrefour, and others and get high financial returns.
  • Separate commercial shops: Which are located within ordinary buildings outside the complexes and within the old or modern neighborhoods of them, and the financial returns within these shops are normal due to their relatively low price and low demand.

عقارات للجنسية التركية

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Offices for Sale in Istanbul

Offices for sale are available in Istanbul in the most upscale modern complexes and in the vital centers of the city such as Şişli, Maslak, Basin Express Street, Yeni Bosna, and other main places that are the main nerve of the big city.

The investor can buy an office within one of the complexes to open his own company and form his external or internal business in Istanbul alike, and these complexes provide luxury services for businessmen at a high level, where there is protection around the clock and a reception system and additional services like those available in residential complexes for the comfort of the investor.

There are also many types of real estate in Istanbul, such as international schools that are offered for sale, and also student residences, which may be ready or under construction, and the construction company usually undertakes to equip the student residence from all necessary aspects to start the student’s life there, and these residences are spread within the complexes close to the prestigious Turkish universities, and here the investor can buy a property or several properties within these complexes and rent them to students through the construction company with an agreed contract or he can rent them himself directly to students.

Also available in Istanbul are lands and farms for sale suitable for agricultural investment or in animal investment.


مكاتب للبيع في اسطنبول


Real estate in Istanbul is available in various specifications according to the investor’s preference. Here are several points an investor needs to determine before proceeding with the purchase:

Determining the Required Space: On the size level, if we talk about apartments, the areas start from 40 square meters for a one-room studio apartment, up to apartments with areas exceeding 250 meters, like 4-room and lounge apartments or 5-room and lounge apartments. For villas, areas start from 500 square meters and reach up to 700 square meters. For commercial shops, they are also available in different areas starting from 40 square meters up to more than 200 square meters. Choosing the required space is very important as it is a key factor in choosing the right place and project.

Determining the Budget and Area: The budget is one of the most important factors in buying real estate and determining the appropriate area for purchase. As we mentioned, the budget is what determines the appropriate area for purchase. Some investors may want to buy a property in the city center, but they do not have the appropriate budget for that as the prices in the city center are 4 or 5 times the prices on the outskirts of the city. Therefore, the budget must be determined first, and based on the budget, the most suitable area is chosen. When a good budget is available, then the area should be chosen according to the investor’s request. Some people prefer to buy near the center to reach all vital places quickly without obstacles, and others, if they have a high budget, do not prefer the center to escape from the daily congestion and desire to get peace of mind and tranquility available on the outskirts of the city.

Determining the Reason for Purchase: The reason for purchase also helps a lot in determining the most suitable property. Some people want to invest primarily and they do not care about housing, but they may come to buy the property only and put it for rent and then return to their countries and receive financial returns regularly. They should choose the vital places that connect all areas of Istanbul. Others want to live and settle in Istanbul permanently, so they should choose places that are suitable for them and their families within residential centers and areas with a majority of families. Some people want to buy a property in Istanbul just to spend a vacation for a week or a month in the beautiful city, so they should choose the tourist places and charming views.

There are those who want to invest in the long term within the possibilities and projects under construction, so they should buy within areas that are being newly established and that will reach many services in the future and that are also next to giant projects such as the new Istanbul Airport and the Istanbul Canal project, and the medical city project in the Bashak Shehir area.

Determining the View: When we come to mention the views, Istanbul provides what no other city in Turkey provides from the varied charming views. There are sea views that are available near the city center, like the Zeytinburnu area, or on the outskirts of the city, like the areas of Beylikduzu and Buyukcekmece. There are also views of the vast green spaces, like the Bahcesehir area, and views are also available on the beautiful city in the huge towers.


شراء عقار في اسطنبول

Properties for sale in Istanbul

In general, the process of buying real estate for sale in Istanbul provides the buyer with all the required options from investment places that carry large financial returns or offices to start their own work and from residential places that also guarantee stability and living in Istanbul in the long term.

We at Damas Real Estate Group guarantee you professional consultation with high professionalism according to our extensive experience for many years. We have achieved very satisfactory operations for all our customers, and you can get free real estate consultation around the clock.

Real Estate for Sale in Istanbul - Apartments for Sale in Istanbul - Villas for Sale in Istanbul

Real Estate for Sale in Turkey - Apartments for Sale in Turkey Villas for Sale in Turkey - Real Estate Investment in Turkey

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