Kocaali Başiskele
29 Km
37 Km

Facilities and Features

•The project is a group of 16 villas and each of which is 215 m2. The only difference between them refers to the space of parks which ranges between 150-365 m2.
• There is a fitness hall.
• The building space is 8000 m2.

Internal Gardens
Children's playground
Green Spaces
Jogging Courses
Swimming Pools
Sauna Rooms
Turkish Bath
Steam Rooms
Fitness Facility
24/7 Security guard
Surveillance Cameras
Earthquake Resistant Building
Indoor car Park

Location and Strategic Importance

Kocaeli is one of the largest states in northern Turkey that links the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara and contains one of the largest and biggest industrial cities in Turkey with an area of about 400,000 square meters. Thus, it is considered the Marmara industrial gate in the whole of Europe and is strategically located as a link and point of intersection of the roads and rail links between Europe and Asia where the population is one million.
This state is considered the most important geographically because it contains the Gulf of Kocaeli which is considered the port of the state to the Sea

Approximate Prices

• Payment plan: Cash payment

Rooms Lowest Area (m2) Lowest Price Notes
4 + 1 365 962.000 160.800 143.700 122.500 602.900 191.261.800 590.400 48.900 62.000 82.786.900 585.300 60.700 114.000 19.267.600 40.244.100
Updated Date : 2019-02-03

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