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properties for sale in Beykoz

Properties for Sale in Beykoz


Beykoz is one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of Istanbul, located on the Asian side of the city, overlooking the enchanting Bosphorus Strait. This area is characterized by its stunning nature, rich history, and rich culture, making it a popular destination for tourists and residents alike.

In Beykoz, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Bosphorus, bridges, palaces, and yachts, stroll in gardens, forests, and parks, visit historical and archaeological landmarks such as Anadolu Hisarı Castle, Mimar Sinan Mosque, and Toy Museum, shop in markets, shops, and malls, and taste delicious food, sweets, and Turkish coffee.

If you are interested in investing in real estate in Beykoz, you have many diverse and attractive options, where there are apartments for sale in Beykoz on the Asian side at prices suitable for all budgets, with high-quality and luxury specifications, and charming views of the Bosphorus, forests, or the city. Villas, palaces, and farms are also available for sale in Beykoz for those looking for luxury, privacy, and wide space.

Therefore, if you are looking for a distinctive real estate investment opportunity in Istanbul, do not miss visiting Beykoz and checking out the available offers. We are at your service to provide the best advice.


Information About Beykoz Area

Beykoz is one of the coastal areas on the Asian side of Istanbul, located at the northeastern end of the Bosphorus Strait. The area of Beykoz is 239.2 square kilometers, and it includes 45 neighborhoods with a population estimated at 248,595 people. It is bordered to the north by the Black Sea, to the south by Ümraniye and Üsküdar regions, to the east by Şile region, and to the west by the Bosphorus Strait, which separates it from the European side of the city. Beykoz is characterized by its strategic location, rich history, and stunning nature, and it is a distinctive tourist destination for those looking for peace and beauty in Istanbul.


Key Projects in Beykoz


أهم المشاريع في منطقة بيكوز


Istanbul Projects D017:

The project consists of only two residential blocks with a total of 240 apartments with very high interior cladding and all electrical appliances are delivered in the kitchen and in some models the apartment can be sold fully furnished. The project area is 11,000 m2 and around the project 50,000 m2 green spaces, thus the resident in this project enjoys the largest green space among Istanbul projects. The height of each building is 30 floors, 25 floors of which are residential apartments including penthouses with glass facades. The project contains a mini mall with commercial shops and restaurants that contain all the distinctive brands (Starbucks, Migros, Cinema Maximus). Prices start from 733,000 US dollars for a 1+1 apartment. The payment method is 50% cash and the rest in installments over 6 months.


Istanbul Project D055:

Beykoz area is characterized by its stunning nature and vast green space, as the project is located next to a forest with an area of 1,500,000 square meters in addition to the presence of a natural lake near the project. The location is also characterized by clean air, tranquility, and stunning green nature. The project’s surroundings are a family residential par excellence due to its proximity to the Ajar Kent area, which provides all services from hospitals, universities, schools, shopping centers, and restaurants, making it one of the most upscale areas in Istanbul. It was established on a land area of 21,000 m2 and consists of 8 residential buildings with a height of 4 floors and a total of 162 apartments of type 1+6/2+5/1+5/1+4/1+3/1+2.


Major Tourist Attractions and Malls in Beykoz


 أهم المعالم السياحية والمولات في منطقة بيكوز


Beykoz is home to numerous tourist attractions that attract visitors of all ages and interests. Among them are:

Tourist Attractions in Beykoz

Hill and Shrine of Prophet Yusha: This is a sacred place considered one of the most famous religious landmarks in the area. It is located on a hill overlooking the Bosphorus Strait and contains the shrine of Prophet Yusha bin Nun, who is believed to be the successor of Prophet Moses.

Anatolian Castle: This is a historical castle dating back to the Byzantine era. It is located on the Asian side of the Bosphorus Strait and includes several towers and stone walls. It was used as a defensive and surveillance site.

Toy Museum: This is a unique museum that displays a collection of Turkish and international toys collected from various eras and cultures. It is located in a historic palace dating back to the 19th century and aims to revive childhood memories and folk heritage.

Hotels in Beykoz

There are a variety of hotels in Beykoz that suit all levels and budgets, and offer high-quality services and comfort to guests. Among them are:

Park Inn by Radisson Istanbul Asia Kavacik: This is a four-star hotel that offers comfortable rooms equipped with all amenities. It includes a restaurant, swimming pool, and fitness center, and is located near many tourist attractions in the area.

Limak Eurasia Luxury: This is a five-star hotel characterized by luxury and sophistication. It offers spacious and elegant rooms, some of which contain a private spa bath, and overlooks the forest or the Bosphorus. It includes a restaurant, swimming pool, and spa, and is located in a quiet and beautiful neighborhood.

Ajia Istanbul: This is a three-star hotel that offers uniquely decorated and comfortable rooms. It includes a romantic restaurant that serves gourmet dishes and overlooks the water. It is located in an excellent location near the Bosphorus.

Malls and Landmarks in Beykoz

Beykoz also includes many landmarks and malls that suit different tastes and interests. Among them are:

Anatolian Castle: This is a historical castle dating back to the Ottoman era. It is located on the Asian side of the Bosphorus Strait and includes several towers and stone walls. It was used as a defensive and surveillance site.

Mimar Sinan Mosque: This is a beautiful mosque dating back to the 16th century. It bears the name of the famous architect Sinan, who designed many Ottoman mosques. It is characterized by its great dome and slender minarets and is located in the middle of the old neighborhood.

Beykoz Mall: This is a modern and advanced mall that offers a wide range of shops and international brands, in addition to restaurants, cafes, cinema, and amusement parks. It is located in a central and easily accessible location.


Transportation in Beykoz


المواصلات في منطقة بيكوز


Beykoz enjoys the presence of many means of transportation that facilitate access to it from various parts of Istanbul. Among these means are:

Buses: There are many bus lines that connect Beykoz with Üsküdar, Kadıköy, Ümraniye, Maçka, Taksim, and Kavacık areas, and pass on the coastal Bosphorus road.

Dolmuş: These are small cars that operate on a sharing system, and provide a fast and comfortable service. There are Dolmuş lines that serve the area well.

Metrobus: This is a fast transport system that operates on a special road, and connects the Asian and European sides of Istanbul. There is a Metrobus station in Beykoz called Söğütlü.

Ferries: These are ships that cross the Bosphorus Strait, and provide a wonderful view of the natural scenery. There are ferries that connect Beykoz with Eminönü, Bebek, Ortaköy, and Beşiktaş areas.

Small Boats: These are boats that operate on a pre-booking system, and provide a unique and enjoyable service. There are boats that connect Beykoz with Yeniköy, Kanlıca, and Anatolian Castle areas.


Real Estate and Apartments in Beykoz

Beykoz is one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of Istanbul, located on the Black Sea coast and enjoying stunning nature and a temperate climate. Real estate in Beykoz varied between villas, apartments, and residential complexes, and is characterized by quality, luxury, and safety. You can choose between different sizes, designs, and views of apartments, whether you want a small and comfortable apartment or a spacious and luxurious apartment. You can also enjoy many facilities and services provided by residential complexes, such as swimming pools, gardens, playgrounds, sports and health clubs, schools, hospitals, malls, and others.


Advantages of Investing in Beykoz

If you are looking for a profitable and future investment opportunity in Istanbul, Beykoz is an ideal choice for you. This area has several features that make it the focus of many foreign and local investors, including:

Continuously Increasing Investment Value

Beykoz is witnessing noticeable urban and economic growth and attracts many major projects and government and private institutions. It also has many public transportation and fast roads and bridges that connect it to the rest of the city. All these factors contribute to raising the value of properties in Beykoz and guarantee a high financial return for the investor in the long term.

Modern Infrastructure

Beykoz boasts a top-notch modern and quality infrastructure, where the latest technologies and materials were used in the construction and finishing of properties. International standards were followed in the architectural, architectural, and decorative design of apartments and residential complexes. The most important feature of properties in Beykoz is their resistance to earthquakes, as they have been equipped with preventive systems and barriers to collapses and cracks.

Basic and Entertainment Services

Beykoz provides all the basic and entertainment services needed for modern life for its residents and visitors. There are many commercial, educational, health, cultural, religious, sports, and tourist centers in the area. The area is also characterized by tranquility, cleanliness, security, and comfort, making it an ideal place to live, relax, and enjoy the stunning nature and charming views of the sea and mountains.


شراء عقار في اسطنبول

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Specifications of Apartments for Sale in Beykoz


If you liked Beykoz and decided to invest in it, you need to know the specifications of the apartments available for sale in it. Here are some of the most important specifications that distinguish apartments in Beykoz:

  • Spaces: The sizes of apartments in Beykoz range between 50 square meters and 300 square meters, and suit all needs and budgets. You can choose between apartments with one room or two rooms or three rooms or four rooms or more, in addition to the lounge, kitchen, bathrooms, and balconies.

  • Views: Apartments in Beykoz feature stunning views of the Black Sea, mountains, forests, and landscapes. They also enjoy plenty of light, clean air, and a temperate climate. You can relax and enjoy the stunning view from your apartment balcony or window.

  • Designs: Apartments in Beykoz feature modern, elegant, and luxurious designs that suit all tastes and styles.



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